Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bump of Chicken - Butterfly

I'm glad to see you UCAADs again. I worked 200 hours over the past two weeks, so that is why I have been MIA. I should have a more reasonable schedule the next two months (55-70 hours a week versus 100 a week), so I'll be posting again. The only other real changes are me taking over STFU and HYSF going back to doing the day-to-day writing I used to do and writing long articles. It looks like whoever touches the STFU series ends up cursed, so let's hope the STFU series doesn't kill me.

Anyway, I found out that Bump of Chicken is releasing a new album titled "Butterflies," and they recently released their music video for "Butterfly". This sound is different from what they usually do, but you can still hear their normal sound under the synth beats produced by the keyboard. I personally like the direction change for them, as BoC typically has slower songs and a light-rock feel to them, so the synth beats do add some oomph without drastically changing how their songs sound.

Back in the day, "Karma" was my shit. And yes, it's the theme for Tales of the Abyss, which is tied for my favorite game ever (the other being Persona 3).


  1. Omfg I think Karma is the most played song on my ipod ever. Like 2000+ times. DA SHIT IS SO GOOD.

  2. Replies
    1. Seriously.
      The first time I heard a song from them was Tales of The Abyss and I sincerely thought that their was a typo when the band's name was written on the screen.

  3. 3/10 not enough fap material :((


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