Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How I Would Deal With Dasom's Online T-ara Impersonator

So Dasom has an Internet bully who obviously gets his inspiration from T-ara. This is how I would handle the situation if I was the CEO of Starship Entertainment.

Lawsuits will not work against deranged online bullies. Ignoring them will just cause the issue to get bigger, as the online bully will ramp up his attacks to get more attention. A drastic measure needs to be taken in order to deal with this problem once and for all.

My first step would be to trace the little shit down, which shouldn't be hard given how many cyber detectives there are among Korean netizens. After I find out his information thanks to netizens, I would hire a group of 6'5" 250 lb buff black dudes and send them to this guy's house so the black guys could beat the living shit out of him.

Naturally, this would lead to the online bully telling his side of the story about how he is a victim (getting his inspiration from Japan this time). So, if a dozen black dudes beating the shit out of you doesn't make you stop from harassing someone online, there's only one more way I could think of to make him stop.

I would take a group of reporters from Dispatch and other various news sites along with Dasom to the man's house. We would barge in and some of those big buff black dudes would hold the guy down and strip his clothes off. Dasom would put on a strap-on dildo. Not just any ordinary strap-on dildo, but one with the biggest circumference and length that she could find.

Dasom would proceed to peg the living shit out of him.

Without lube.

And the dude would start crying, and Dasom would use his tears as lube.

All of this would be filmed and distributed over the Internet.

After this, anyone who harassed any Starship idols would face the same treatment. Once they figured out their target idol was coming to peg them without lube, these online bullies would start doing ISIS-style apologies to save their anal virginity.


  1. "Ignoring them will just cause the issue to get bigger" - Hm, I'm not sure I'd agree with that. However, I don't usually follow internet comments, unless it makes the news.

    I'll tell Kpopalypse to send orders to Way's girls

  2. Thanks to YouTube's shitty notification system, I hadn't realized that FEMM released a new song three fucking weeks ago and only listened to it just now.
    Anyway here it is and it's fantastic:

    1. I've probably listened to that song a thousand times since it came out.

    2. Thanks. I haven't seen it eather.

  3. Maybe we could get Hyorin to take part in pegging. Because if that didn't break a guy's resolve, I don't know what would

    1. If Hyorin pegged a dude, knowing Koreans, they would say that a black woman pegged the man.

  4. Obviously this individual is way out of line to go after Dasom like that.

    However, a few things:
    1) the troll might not be a male, there are many hateful females out there.
    2) since love and hate are so close it is possible that it is a deranged fan or ex-fan.
    3) by responding, Dasom gave the troll the attention that they crave.

  5. It's obvious they are a T-ARA member for three reasons
    1. T-ARA are infamous for their determination when it comes to bullying
    2. T-ARA, as many people know, are responsible for all the world's problems
    3. I have absolutely no concrete evidence whatsoever to support this claim, therefore it must be them
    With that in mind, I'd like to see this plan B of yours go through, cause if would be hot to see a video of Dasom pegging all the members of T-ARA

  6. I don't know what's worse: delusional fans or anti fans. Both are so annoying.


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