Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturday Shitfest #32

AKF couldn't be here to make this regularly scheduled Saturday Shitfest, so I'm filling in today.

Please enjoy Stellar's teaser MV here. It's for their upcoming comeback, "Sting."

The teaser's giving me really strong "Marionette" flashbacks. Look, I like "Marionette." That song is one of two of their songs I enjoy (the other being "Vibrato"), but I hope the full version of "Sting" doesn't sound so much like it.

Good song, but no twinsies, please

So yeah, if you have any random kpop musings, leave them in the comments below.


  1. Stellar's previous album was very good, so I am definitely buying this one.

  2. I've never really listened to Stellar. But I still wish them well. Stellar, fighting!

  3. Thanks God thw song is different fr their previous ""concepts" but still great!

    1. I liked it, too. It doesn't meet infinite jam standards, but it's strong enough to add to my playlist.

  4. Pleasantly surprised by this comeback


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