Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hani Can't Catch a Break

So Hani and her little brother recreated a photo from their childhood, but it seems that people will find anything to bash her for now-a-days.

1. [+593, -162] I still don't understand what Jun Hyun Moo supposedly did so wrong. Even if you look at the Nate poll regarding the issue, most of the people said they didn't get why Hani cried. It's just Hani's fans who took it to extremes.

2. [+561, -213] Shouldn't Hani apologize to Jun Hyun Moo? She made an innocent man get all that hate online and the internet was abuzz with that issue for days and all she did about it was put up a full make up selca a few days later on her Instagram like nothing happened. Ridiculous... at least she should clarify why she cried. Jun Hyun Moo is still getting hate over it.

4. [+68, -31] Please enough of this cry baby

5. [+54, -28] So she doesn't cry looking back on pictures like this?

6. [+47, -10] She tries way too hard to seem tom boyish

7. [+42, -16] Her face has changed though...

8. [+33, -7] So we're supposed to just accept it because apparently they apologized to each other? Are the viewers some sort of joke? She made all that fuss crying on live broadcast and we don't deserve an explanation or anything? She's a celebrity, her entire career relies on her fans and her popularity.

9. [+30, -8] She probably turned around and cried after posting this on Instagram

10. [+22, -4] Jun Hyun Moo got all that hate and yet she sits there saying nothing, actually making it seem like he's at fault...

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That's not even all of them. There were quite a few positive responses to this, but the fact that there is hate underneath ... this photo is so fucking stupid.

In regard to #'s 1, 2, 8, and 10: Why are you still bringing up the Jun Hyun Moo situation? Clearly, she's over it, he's over it and you should be, too.

#'s 4, 5, and 9: Oh wow, so Hani's a crybaby because she cried once on TV when some comedian brought up her boyfriend? You know, the boyfriend that journalists insist on bringing up in every single article about her no matter how far removed he is from the subject and also wasn't allowed to come to the awards ceremony because of the ongoing SM vs. JYJ battle. 

As for #6, they're clearly on drugs. I really don't see anything tomboyish about this picture in any way, and even then, just because a girl isn't doing aegyo 24/7 doesn't make her a tomboy.

#7 obviously doesn't know how aging works. Of course her face changed so much. She was like 5 years old when that picture was taken. She's 23 now; she's not going to look the exact same she did when she was a kid. What kind of weird pedophilia is this?

So now not only does Hani have to put up with Junsu being brought up in every single article no matter what, she's going to have Hyun Jun Moo brought up because people don't realize that having your whole career being brought down to the level of your boyfriend is stupid and fucked up on so many levels. This is especially true when your boyfriend can't even earn a simple award because of a prejudiced set by a separate agency.

Taeyeon is basically me at all these comments.


  1. I will never understand netizens. Never.

  2. I never heard of the Hani thing before, but reading up on it, I came across this:
    "Kim had been blocked from performing on Korean TV music shows since 2009, in part due to a contract dispute with his former entertainment agency, SM Entertainment after he left TVXQ with other JYJ members."
    Whoever her boyfriend may be, that's some fucking bullshit.

    1. I've heard it before, but I couldn't have told you that it's a label, boygroup or something else. Though I did suspect it.

    2. I've always found JYJ's situation to be beyond hilarious. Part of me wants to believe the reason spends so much money on bullying then is because they like seeing self-entitled fangirls cry

    3. JYJ's situation is pretty hilarious because it shows how petty SM is. Everyone likes to pretend SM is a GOD company that doesn't care about other artists that aren't under their label because they're #1 but this proves otherwise. Either that or SM just likes seeing JYJ and their fans suffer but I think they're getting more pleasure from the past EXO members, it's seriously time to lay off JYJ for good.

    4. Kicking JYJ out of DBSK is probably one of SM's best decisions. They kept the hottest member, and have much better songs.
      In fact the only real issue I have with SM is that thinking Yeri was a good trade for Sulli

    5. I don't see how trading one boring lama for another is much of anything.

    6. I don't mind them kicking JYJ out it's just the bans that I find incredibly petty and unnecessary.

  3. Netizens are so fucking sexist honestly, like I've never seen them attack males idols the way they do with females. Like every month they pick a different woman to witch hunt for retarded reasons. The only male idol I've seen get this type of treatment is Tao

    1. Netizens only hate Tao because he's Chinese filth, attempting to infiltrate the country via the music industry.
      Getting kicked out of EXO is actually a pretty good career goal, because it seems you need to do literally nothing and then you're one of the richest people in China

    2. We should start a series called "This Month in Netizen Witch Hunts." That actually sounds like a great idea!

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