Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Shitpost #8

I'd like to start off this week's Sunday Shitpost by saying, "Yo fuck the Pats." Anyway, I'm doing this week's shitpost again, which means it's going to be short and probably not have something you'd love to shitpost about. Feel free to shitpost all you want in the comments about anything, though.

News Story #1: Ladies' Code Preparing for Comeback this Spring.

The members of Ladies' Code have apparently fully recovered from the traumatic injuries sustained in the 2014 accident. That's great to hear. They have also been practicing, and a song is being decided on for the comeback. Another interesting tidbit is that it is likely no new members will be added to the group.

News Story #2: Juniel Talks About Leaving FNC

Actually, there's not really anything newsy here at all. Juniel tweeted several times about her departure but doesn't actually say exactly why she left or anything. It's just a bunch of, "Thanks for all the years, etc. etc. etc." Meh.

It's not the kind of pictures HYS_Fag would prefer, but she's still really pretty. 

News Story # 4: AOA Debuting New Subunit

Nothing is known about it other than that it is expected to happen this month or next and that it will have 3 members. The album is supposedly near completion. Actually, here's some breaking news: I'm not in it.

Jackson and Nayeon talked about how JYP has a three-year dating ban... Or is it just really discouraged? Also, if you're found out to be dating, you will be made to break up. 


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