Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday Shitpost #6

It's another Sunday, and after the holidays, a shit ton of news came out. A lot of it bad, but there's some good stuff thrown in. This will be my last Sunday Shitpost (and Saturday Shitfest as well) of the month, as other authors will be filling in for me while I have no life because of work for the next few weeks. I will have some scheduled MV review that I'll write later today and schedule them on Wednesdays for the rest of the month. With that said, let's get to the shitfest.

News Story #1: South Korea resumes media propaganda against North Korea

If North Koreans heard Big Bang's "Bang Bang Bang," they would probably be glad that they live in North Korea. "If I had to watch five guys try to act all tough with pink fucking hair perform a song this horrible, I would commit suicide. Maybe life isn't so bad after all," would be what some North Koreans would probably think.

News Story #2: Hyomin to make a solo cumback

I hope it's another concept that shows off Hyomin's body, but here's to hoping Brave Brothers (or whoever composes her song) gives her something better than "Hot Body".

Is it me, or does Hyomin's right armpit kind of look like a vagina? I would rub my penis against Hyomin's armpit-clitoris.

News Story #3: Dahye gets hurt, BESTie delays comeback

I like how this picture says "ASS(IC)" right behind Dahye, known for having one of the best asses in the game. I just hope BESTie moves on from Duble Sidekick and try someone different. I am worried this group will go down the Sistar route (without having attained Sistar's popularity).

News Story #4: Even Sunny finds Kei adorable as fuck

Kei's aegyo game is too strong.

News Story #5: Seohyun to act in "Moon Lovers"

While I doubt I'll even have time to watch the drama if I wanted to, this news makes me happy because it most likely means we won't get much music from SNSD this year. The group released atrocious turd after atrocious turd aside from Taeyeon's solo. While none of the songs individually were worse than IGAB, the amount of vile shit SNSD shot out of their nine eight anuses last year almost rivals the massive shit pile that is IGAB.

News Story #6: A Pink had North American tour this week

I would go watch A Pink live just for Chorong alone. She's not even my favorite member.

I don't have to write shit.

News Story #7: Junsu wants to sue you and me

I don't even need to edit this picture. Hani is just demonstrating the stance she gets in right before she's ready to stick a black dildo in Junsu's ass and thrust away.


  1. I liked Nice Body. It was far better than the disgusting and vile turd Jiyeon shat out. Duble Sidekick are so shit. They should compose a song for TTS and the combo will be so awful it can be used as a weapon against North Korea

  2. Smart move to bring Hyomin back, as she did reasonably well last time.

  3. There are rumors among Sone about a few solo debut. Get ready to listen to Tiffany's vocal wanking.

    Also, fuck yeah Chorong.


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