Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Stupid Things Fangirls Utter 92

Kpopalypse on one of his alt accounts posted this comment on this 4 Walls performance.

Krystal >>>>>>>>> Sulli and it's not even close.

Look at those abs. Sulli doesn't have any because the only exercise she does is jack off Choiza and swallow his jizz all day.

Then you can see the bajillion Victoria articles on this site posted by AKF. She's a milf and I'd let her pee all over me.

Okay, Sulli is better looking than Luna and Amber, but yay?

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  1. Hahahaha HYSF you're the Neil Hamburger of AKF. <3

  2. Luna new face trumps all. She had to balance out the fappability.

  3. f(x) has always been Krystal and the background dancers for me.

  4. Krystal is one of the best looking idols out there for sure

  5. Krystal is one of the best looking idols out there for sure

  6. the abs of a lesbian gym owner...

  7. Sulli is a disgusting smelly sack of gums

    FACT: she has hydrophobia
    she don't shower, she don't bath
    she just uses a wet towel to wipe herself down

    she has been doing that for more than a decade
    think about how gross that is
    even after Choiza shoots all over her she just wipes down

  8. Coming from a past Luna stan Luna looks the worst she ever has in this comeback. Krystal and Victoria look outstounding.

    1. luna looks freakish now

      it must be horrible to get yourself permanently altered and then realise you've made a terrible mistake

  9. I think Slamber is doing a perfectly fine job at being the visual thank you very much.

  10. Whoever you think is the hottest in f(x), remember the Manber has seen them all naked.

  11. Eeh. Victoria's visuals are superior to anyone's in f(x) and kpop overall.
    Victoria was the only thing that made f(x) somehow relevant. Even in Korea. No Victoria, no f(x) tbh. Without her being around they look lost af. Fucking hot shit Victora is.


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