Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday Shitpost #5

This week's edition of Sunday Shitpost is literally filled with shit news because nothing happened this week.
News Story #1: Twice releases remixed versions of "Like OOH-AHH"

There's never enough Momo posts in this world, so here you guys go.

News Story #2: AOA Black Set to Return in 2016

Here's a picture of Youkyung, because even I forgot what the fuck she looked like. I also forgot that she existed.

Mina is in both AOA and AOA Black, so it's not like I give a shit which group promotes as long as the songs are good (and that Mina's promoting).

News Story #3: Everyone thinks Kara is going to disband

I can't tell the future, because if I could, I would have invested all of my life savings into the stocks that soared the most and I'd be rich enough to bang Han Ye Seul in front of Teddy while Teddy cried shoving a dildo in his ass. Seeing as how I can't predict the future, I'm playing the wait-and-see game.

I just want more Seungyeon.

News Story #4: Jessica releases cover of "Gravity"

Unsurprisingly, netizens everywhere are herp-derping and asking about her business. Just because your broke ass can't afford a pair of Sica's shades, it doesn't mean her business is failing. Plus, I just love how it's okay for all of these Western celebrities to have their own fashion/whatever lines and still do their day job, but if Jessica tries going back to her day job, she gets shit for it. 

This song sucks, so I'm not going to defend that. It's just really old seeing netizens saying the same shit over and over about Jessica.


  1. Sica hate is amusing. They need a scapegoat for their "unbreakable soshi bond" delusions.

  2. They're pressed because this cover is still better than anything on the Lion Heart album

  3. The world always needs more Seungyeon, Mina, and Momo.

  4. Jessica's triumphant return to music.


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