Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Shitpost #7

Well, as AKF mentioned he's currently busy actually being a productive member of society so unfortunately that leaves the likes of me to carry on in his stead. Oh, well at least it's not like anything of note happened this week so this will be a rather short Sunday Shitpost.

New Story #1: Seolhyun talks about people stealing and selling those cardboard cutouts of her

I just absolutely love that picture of Seolhyun with the cardboard cutout of herself, so any excuse to use it in a post or talk about it in general I will pounce upon. On "Entertainment Weekly" she basically said that stealing it is one thing but you definitely shouldn't sell it. " just look at it.” She advises. I think Mamamoo said it best in, "Ahh Oop", "just look don't touch."

News Story #2: China censors comments and web searches regarding Tzuyu

The idea that one of the most powerful countries on the planet is desperately running around crazily censoring a k-pop idol will never not be funny, but here we are. China is blocking name searches for Tzuyu right now on Weibo along with the newly elected president of Taiwan, Tsai Ing Wen. Taiwain claims that the China is bullying Tzuyu, making it only the second most controversial bullying scandal involving a k-pop idol.

New Story #3: Rainbow coming back in February 

You might as well unzip your pants now in anticipation. It was revealed that Rainbow is preparing for the comeback right now, as we speak.

News Story #4: Something about Hani crying

I don't care enough about this one to go into much detail but after some guy said something that upset Hani, netziens went nuts and now want that guy dead... Or something. At any rate Yedang Ent. basically said it wasn't professional but they don't have any right to ask her about her personal life (yeah, right). 


  1. The Tzuyu situation is so crazy, even news programs that never mention Kpop are talking about it.

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  3. Tzuyu's situation honestly is bigger than every other Kpop scandal in history combined + a few orders of magnitude.

    JYPE literally lost tens of millions in stocks within the first 2-3 days alone (I believe around the time Tzuyu's apology video was made Taiwanese media were reporting it was something in the real of $40~50 mil, nearly 10% of their market share and more than Big Bang earned in the entire 2015 fiscal calendar.) The stocks haven't showed any signs of recovering yet even as the issue slowly starts to blow over yet so the losses may continue to pile up.

    It was the first time any company faced the risk of being blacklisted from such an important country. Pretty much every other scandal usually only affected one group whereas here every one of JYPE's employees were on the chopping block given how deadly the domino effects from a continued Chinese blacklist would have been on their Korean enterprises. Stockholders and investors might have ended up calling for a complete restructuring of the company.

    Top level government departments from China, Taiwan and Korea were all involved in the issue once the apology video was issued. The Taiwanese and Chinese branches of Foreign Affairs dealing with Cross-Strait relations had to negotiate on election day before both sides released statements to try calm the fire. Given that the Taiwanese government mentioned it sent the Taiwanese branch to help mediate talks between Chinese and Korean officials, it is clear the Korean government was already involved by then and may have even possibly been the reason JYPE was forced to do so many apologies.

    1. Is there any word out if the blacklists have been rescinded, including the Korean companies who engaged in blacklisting Twice?

    2. LG+Huawei have supposedly already re-instated Tzuyu as a spokesperson.

      None of these "blacklists" are permanent.

  4. No news link about KARA officially disbanding? I thought people would be talking about it here

  5. I feel sure SPEED disbanded at some point. Oh wait, no one cares.

  6. I feel sure SPEED disbanded at some point. Oh wait, no one cares.

  7. Can't even tell the truth about what country you're from or someone's feelings are going to get hurt.


  8. what the fuck is up with the whole tzuyu thing? it's so bizare. she's just a little kid.


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