Thursday, October 11, 2012

2PM's Junsu Loves Bathrooms

"The bathroom. I’m always in the bathroom when I think of ideas and melody. Then I record it in the bathroom on my phone as a voice memo.

Well that's pretty fucked up for someone who's the only decent-ish singer in a group of talentless wannabes who seem to think ripping their shirts in public is counted as a talent itself (yes, I'm looking at you, Taecyeon, you arrogant motherfucker). Bathrooms are for pissing and shitting. There's a bloody good reason why toilets were invented.

This guy probably spent a good deal of his time in the bathroom at school whenever he got thrashed by someone. Probably writes erotic fics and ideas how he'll make his pleasure time with the other members even more memorable (and quite possibly other fags in JYP such as JYP himself, Jo Kwon and the list goes on since inbreeding in that piece of shit company is not unknown), while thinking of erotic melodies to accompany it and fapping at the same time.

Or alternatively, he probably has the tiniest dick out of all 2PM members (not that their own dicks are likely that big to begin with in comparison) and is afraid of being bullied of it, hence avoiding the fap circle the group has every now and then. Rumor has it that Jay Park had the shortest one before he got the boot but since then, Junsu replaced him.


  1. "Junsu feels sexy while jumping skipping rope."

    Legitimately in his Wikipedia page. For fuck's sake, fangirl editors.

  2. i dont know if junsu's talking about the toilet or the bathroom... but i dont find anything fucked up there... seems pretty normal to me

    plus recording in the toilet/bathroom is actually good since there's not much noise inside and some people say toilet/bathrooms have good acoustics...


    2. ahahha alright that one is pretty weird i guess XD

  3. No wonder 2PM's music sounds so shitty. Junsu should take a good long look down the toilet because that's where 2PM's career is headed if they don't make a Korean comeback soon.

  4. 2PM hasn't had a good song before and after Heartbeat.
    It's a shame Jay left, he would've killed that comeback.

  5. This is an insult to us people who take advantage of the loo as our ever-indomitable arbiter and source of intellectual and artistic inspiration. I for one must honestly say that the toilet is yet the very few places where I can perfectly concentrate lest even think of new research agenda. Respect for Junsuck but we all know their group is still horribly shit. And that Taecyeon UGH that ugly donkey face!

  6. It is pretty normal. The ceramic environment is good at reflecting, and at the same time isolating sound waves.
    It's actually a pretty standard to think while on the can. There's artworks, and even stereotypes surrounding it.

    Another slow day on AKF. Still waiting for fap article number two.

  7. it's how oppar hits high note but i thought oppar was secretly a female jap singer though.


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