Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sohee leaks her sex pics online

Not to be outdone by her hoobae whore Suzy, Sohee has decided to release some pics from one of her fingering sessions with Taecyeon Ian Somerhalder.

MMMMMMhhhh *pant* right there, unnghhhhhh ...what now, Suzy?! that's right, bitch, unfff..

Other kpop sites have tried to spin this as merely a theme for the photos rather than the real deal, but when considering that, I would ask you to RIDDLE ME THIS, BATMAN:

*gasp* let me catch my breath.... whheeewww... your fingers are like magic...

WHOSE ARM IS THAT IN THE RED BOXES? It's clearly a man's arm! And then in the top blue box you see someone's jeans, and in the lower blue box it's clear he isn't wearing a shirt!

We all know fat whore Suzy sucks seven cocks from Sunday, but she keeps it to herself. Sohee is trailblazing new frontiers of kpop whoredom.


  1. yuck i can barely stand sohee's regular face; her orgasm face would make the world explode.

  2. What can I say, it's JYP. Untalented fugs fuck fellow untalented fugs all the time in JYP.

  3. I would puke if she released real sex pics. Imagine JYP fucking her: gorilla x chipmunk.

  4. but you dint give any information about this you suck!

  5. Photoshoot. Seen it before.


  6. I can't be the only one who think she looks good here..


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