Friday, October 19, 2012

Ailee's I Will Show You MV

Ok guys...this is my first MV review, and I hope it will be a good read for ya'll :)

Your boy Reehji has been listening to the mini album - Invitation by Ailee for a while now. I actually like it. It's a little different from a typical kpop album (mind you, i don't really listen to kpop at all.)

The whole album is too much time consuming/effort for me to write about. School had started, and I can barely find myself free time these day. I am not a great writer, nor have I the supa powa of making gifs like Zaku and Sullifag(got).  Hope I won't make ya'll yawn :o

Ok, let's get to the point.

The intro is very mellow, and slow. I thought it would've been a ballad...but I gotta admit, it was purely a rookie mistake D: Seriously, who can really compete for kpop award with ballads nowadays *cough cough* 2am vs. 2pm, 2am vs. SNSD. As expected, there was no drum pattern yet at this point. I love the piano intro. Now that I listened to it the second time, the string complements that melody for a nice ballad theme.

This brings us out to another point. The song started with Ailee looking all innocent, fragile, horny , which is a very clever way to start out for the ballad intro.

Then, as the kick hits! It turns into a dance? popish track with a faster T.O.P. (or perhaps the same with  relativity) . Oh shit, great inventions can happen in kpop. I will forever prefer the word T.O.P over tempo from now on. TOP oppar and Big Banger must be proud of meh :3 BB has invented a new music genre, and now a new word meaning. #YOLO2.

Ok, anyways....our little IU was stumbling upon multiple gay faggots ( the same gender as Sullifag's). How do I know they are gay? They looked as if our IU, the Korean's virgin sister is a disgusting piece of crap. It alienated the crap outta her...YET THE BOYS ARE LOCKED UP WITH FUGLY BISHES. No kissing, no touchy touchy....kpop fanboys are disappointed. All I could see are awkward postures. :(

After that, IU met the fucker who is cheating on her (I assumed this fact mmk). What can I say? The girl he was going out with is wayyyy better looking than our little IU. Which reminds me of a fairy tale...or two. I forgot which ones, but you get the point.

*Man-eating mode activated*

So IU turned out really bitchy (possibly was on her period, who knows). She dresses up as if she has never done it before. No one told her to, and suddenly she became Ailee. WADDAFUCK IS THIS SHIT. HAXX, oh wait....Asian all look the same, don't they? The cuteness meter dropped -1000000 pts, while the hotness meter gained like...5 pts?

*You betta RUN..RUN...RUN RUN RUN [ as quickly as Hyomin]*

Anyways, he tried getting the girl back. Realizing that 5 points of hotness is enough for the night, G.O Oppar desperately pleaded for forgiveness. Ailee agreed. Deserved a few [slaps?] but it's all good. AT last, they  got back together, and Ailee has uncover her true bitchy self [which some Korean men and sometimes me preferred].

Final note:

GO, and TOP oppars have taught us something very useful with this MV.

Big Bang oppars are pioneers, and they can invent shit without inventing shit themselves. V.I.P. must have been proud of themselves.

As for girls like IU, you have to cheat before, and after her period. They turn into arrogant, expensive, cocky bitches the moment the flip is on. Also, cheating is encouraged to change someone like  IU into a hotter slut momentarily. Warning: the process can be irreversible. Only try it on gf, not on mommy!

*not cool shit*


  1. if anything's wrong, pardon me :)

  2. "Then, as the kick hits! It turns into a dance...Oh shit, great invention can happen in kpop"


    I can't...I can't breathe! HAHAHAHAHA

  3. i dun rike.. wish she kept the ballad throughout the whole song, upbeat ruined it.

    Article too BRIGHT AHHH

  4. Why was she so upset about G.O. anyway? Girl can do better. I for one would love to have less mblaq in my life

    1. because GO is very charming and the more you watch him the sexier he gets.

  5. "mind you, i don't really listen to kpop at all."


  6. In more important news, does TOP and GD hav a thing for white chix?

    1. they said they like pink skinned fat girls
      so yeah

    2. pink skinned? they meant pigs, right?

  7. [ as quickly as Hyomin]

    I don't get it

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