Monday, October 22, 2012

So You Think You Can Write

First time in about a year that I've written a post about applications to become an AKF writer. I've removed six authors for inactivity, since they hadn't written anything for months. So, I figured I'd give this a shot again.

The rules are different this time. I always used to ask for specifics when it came to applying. This time, just email me at and prove that you can write for the site in your own way. I won't ask you to write an MV review and a news story. Do whatever you want. However, I won't be lenient like I was last fall. Last year, Shinbi and I thought we could "train" an author. How did that work out? All of the applicants from last fall didn't last long at all. Zaku was the only nigga that panned out, but I already knew him from 6theory, so it was an easy decision to hire him. Bottom line, if your application is garbage, I'm not giving second chances.


  1. clever editing of the picture.

    1. Took me 5 seconds to edit this picture on roflbot lol.

  2. Tempted to try out for the fact that I have nothing better to do with my free time, but I'm still a newbie with K-pop.

  3. please email it to chuck oppar, shinbi takes forever to respond these day

  4. History repeats itself;

    I might give it a shot, if just for the excreta and risible.

    Whats the worst that could happen?

  5. Replies
    1. No one gets paid since there aren't any ads on the blog.

  6. Someone should write about Kim Jong Il's flower boy grandson.

    Seoul Fashion Week: K-Pop to Double Eyelid Surgery

  7. Shed a little tear of happiness because of "Zaku was the only nigga that panned out"


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