Tuesday, October 23, 2012

B.A.P's fangirl

cre: Kiddo aka Sushibrain

Welp! Nothing to see here folks...It is just a usual blood-related issue with kpop idols. I don't know if this is real blood or not, but it's disgusting...and it's a great way to degrade oneself. Can someone confirm if this is a ritual that fanatic kpop fangirls around the world would do? Anyhow, I still like the period blood story better.

On a side note, following it up with the caption
"I do this because I love B.A.P. so much !!" will surely get you some decent attention... 
and maybe one night stand with B.A.P. members...NOT....maybe...i don't know, depend on how desperate they are D:

Get real....I would face palm the shit outta myself if that was my kid. Learn to value your body...and respect yourself/parents/pets/granny/ect....anyone who might care for you.

What if...what if it was a guy D: Mind-blowing, but very unlikely i supposed :3 
(based on the arm/hand structure )

At least she had provided us something....something that is extremely disgusting....
Oh, and i forgot the desperate " [<3] :'( "

PS: Kiddo, please come back to write :[


  1. Can't say I'm surprised anymore. Brings me back to that awful Taecyeon blood letter.

  2. Why is her blood has the same color as ketchup...? My blood doesn't look like that at all...

  3. that her menstrual dirty blood, this ritual to is make B.A.P to fap in front her.

  4. I wanna know what thought process you go through to make yourself think that Zelo will love you if you cut yourself.

  5. she was trying to spell B.A.P.S, like that silly Halle Berry movie from the 90s, but she passed out and didn't finish the job.

  6. I love BAP too. But I think I'll stick to dreaming about 4-ways with the legal members and occasionally caressing my lady parts to Himchan's voice.

  7. i can tell you for certain that that is fake.

    but bap is pretty sexy as a unit; would fuck daehyun himchan, jepp and jongup

  8. I love B.A.P, but I think I'd rather express my fangirl with Pterodactyl squeals and T-Rex wrist flips than smearing blood all over the bathroom wall. Mom and Dad won't be happy.

  9. You sure its not because she loves boiled rice???? :P
    밥 = bap,

  10. I like BAP but I wouldn't slit my risk than write it in my own blood.

    I notice the male groups get the fans girls who will do self mutilation but what about the female groups?

    Am waiting to see the head line that reads 'fan boy carves "I love SNSD into hits penis because he loves them that much" her is pic

    when it that gonna happen?

  11. Not real, but its the thought that counts.

  12. it's too stupid to be real...but it can be, you never know D:
    Degrading oneself still...however

  13. I know exactly how this chick feels. I once showed my love for Taeyeon by jizzing all over a picture of her.

  14. I bet that it must be chicken blood. But if it's real, then good riddance. One less nut-job around to become future stalker.

    1. the problem is that the idiot doesn't know that to kill yourself you need to cut vertically.

  15. waste of perfectly good ketchup if you ask me~ u-u and can you spell ATTENTION WHORE? Yes I can: THAT PERSON RIGHT THERE.

  16. Looks like strawberry jam to me.

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  18. Redo time:

    seems like a troll, but seriously, if this is real, bitch needs help pronto


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