Friday, October 12, 2012

Gain is a wonderful female

I don't have to write shit this shit writes itself, nigga. Like seriously this shit is writing itself right now. Don't even click on the read more tab because there really isn't anything to talk about.

Looks like my girl Gain (seriously I'm stanning the shit out of her these days) is showing us how much of a wonderful and respectable female SLUT she is dancing on the pole for our FAPPING sessions. Seriously, why are they filming this and why are they uploading it to youtube?  I'll tell you why. They all know us males are going to drop our pants and image fucking THE GLORIOUS BROWN ASSHOLE of hers. Like, I mean, we all want to go up to that off her shorts with a knife.....and pound every single inch of her asshole until it prolapses and begins to squirt semen, vag juice, butt juice, and intestines.

Damn I'm getting horny thinking about it.

mmmmm I need a photo of a beautiful, innocent, and chubby asian to fap to while I look at and admire Gain's body.

hmmm what idol is fat enough and innocent enough for me to get me off to right now at this moment?

 oh yessssss come to papa you FAT WHORE. Let me spill my bukkake on that face and BOOTS!


  1. Suzy is a proportioned classy woman.

  2. nigga have gifs next time and stop cunt teasing me with your shitty words
    bitch is a goddess and should be trolled

  3. you guys complain because idols are too skinny and look "anorexic" but then you call someone like Suzy fat

    1. You actually thought that we were serious about that?

    2. they're being sarcastic. they call suzy a fat whore because some k-netizens said suzy gained some weight and looked fat. and people (commenters) over at allkpop always say she's a whore because she "flirts" with their precious oppas

  4. i thought the pic was yoon eun hye at first...

  5. ''fat suzy'' says the one who likes sulli


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