Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My final post aka GOODBYE SULLI_FAG

I decided I'm leaving AKF and here's why.

click read more to find out why I'm leaving this hell hole

Her fat ass fell so hard it caused an earthquake and now I'm gonna lose the ability to use my fingers. I'm typing this message with my dick. It took two weeks just to write it.
My name is not FAT ASS

just kidding niggas...I ain't leavin'
Now for some more fun/jerk off material

Hey KIDS! It's time for 3 sentence reviews!!!!
3 sentences...that's like two paragraphs and shit!!    oh fuck!

1st review: "Ice Cream" by Hyuna.

 The song was enjoyable, yet her vocals ruined it when she wasn't rapping. Video was boner worthy, but I realized Hyuna was pushing her titties together most the time---dem A Cups! I still jerked off and came when I saw Psy licking his ice cream.

2nd Review: "I Don't Need a Man" by Miss A

They keep reminding us that they don't need a man. They should just go lesbians and start licking each other's assholes right on screen. The only thing hot about Miss A is this bitch pictured---would insert my nose in her ass for two hours then let her shit on my nose while I fuck her butthole with my nose.

3rd Review: "Don't Forget About Me" by Girls' Day

Sojin looks hot making this face!
Girls' Day is now the hottest group (FUCK KARA) because every member is good looking thanks to the leaving of Jihae---bitches face always weirded me out. Song sounds a little similar to "Hug Me Once" but I enjoyed it. I want to watch Hyeri get eaten out by Minah then I want to watch Minah's ass getting licked and cummed on by Sojin then I want Sojin to face fuck Yura until her head cum's period blood....inb4 run-on sentence.

Happy that CUNT Jihae is gone!
Well that's it for now. See you all later. Gonna jerk off to Sojin's belly in the new vid.

Later Masturbators!


  1. Impressive writing for using only one body part for two weeks.

  2. them A cup titties looks good with leather

    1. you think she has BIG NIPPLES?

    2. She probably does from being impregnated by Taecyeon when she was with JYP

  3. When I saw the title, I immediately started preparing a sappy goodbye comment in my head.

  4. Should I still work on actual reviews for these MVs?

  5. Can you get split ends on pubes???!??!?!?!?!!

  6. "dem A Cups!" - the kpop experience (tm)

  7. I'll do you one better, three word reviews.

    Ice Cream - Underwhelming, dat Hyuna
    IDNAM - Absolutely fucking disgusting
    DFAM - Didn't watch, lol

  8. How did you fap with broken hands?

  9. Your youtube screen-grabbing skills put my own to shame :c

  10. Your last sentence on GsD wasn't a run-on, kinda

    IMY sullifagosis and i miss your jerk off posts


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