Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Letter to Tia from CHOCOLAT

never break break my dick hehehe
I have written a love note to Tia. For those of you who want to read it. It is lengthy and it is 100% real. These are my true feelings

shitty tumblr gif---hey zaku

To my Dearest Tia Hwang Cuevas

Let me introduce myself, I am probably one of your biggest fans. My name is Sulli Fagosis, and I am a writer at Antikpopfangirl/wezasianbeznotches blog. I'm quite popular in the world of Kpop as you can tell by my massive amount of "hits" on both blogs. I want to ask one thing and one thing only....will you be my girl?! As in, the girl I will spend the rest of my aching and heartbroken life with? I have been wanting to ask this for over a year now since I saw the first cock o' lot video

Alas, here's the catch. I'm much older than you and, I know you are only 17 15? years young. In a wonderful and beautiful earth our bodies and minds would cum together without society looking down on us or disapproving of us being together. Why is this so wrong? In the olden days girls your age would be taken up by men my age, dressed in elegant dresses and showered with love and tender sweet bukkake kisses and hugs. Why can't I hold you like I hold my penis? wife...I decided to photoshop a photo  of you and I together with my cat, SENPAI to show you how wonderful we'd look together---our bodies touching gently! Look how your head caresses my shoulder. Look at Senpai's loving gaze. Hark! I hear Trumpets! I must be in heaven!

Don't we look good together? Senpai is normally shy around women but he really takes a liking to you. Everyday he and I look at photographs of you or even vids. I have wasted a lot of tube socks like this...tissues too! Senpai really likes you too! He keeps licking his cock when your vids come on but I tell him to stop and not be so disrespectful. One time I bitch slapped him!

By the way, Cuevas? Is that some type of Mexican name? Are you hiding your true heritage as a latina woman? You ashamed of it? Do you like EL Pollo Loco?

Anyways,  I know chocolate will not be around for much longer. I'm sorry to say but it's the end of the road for you and your group. I love you so much and find you so beautiful---the most beautiful girl on the internet that I have ever seen. I really want you to be a solo artist and I want you to show the world how great you are, but just in case things don't work out with singing,  I have a few friends who would like to hire you for employment. 

Call me Tia, I'm looking for a new FRY COOK!
Hey Tia, saw your panty shot and thought you'd be great scrubbing my toilets.

I hope it's ok that I referred you to my friends. It's a good career.

So, Tia. I want to ask you for your hand in marriage---but I know it's too soon. So first I'm gonna ask you to be my girl. I'll treat you well and make you ramen here and there. I'll invite some friends over too and you can dance for them and show them how horses make love. I want your body....but...I shouldn't be such a dirty ol' man. I LOVE YOU! My sweet juicy girl!


Sulli Fagosis.

PS...Another pic of You and I and Senpai. Senpai is looking confused because he's waiting for your answer. He's saying, "Be with it!"

PS. No more shots like shouldn't do things like this. It's wrong and not a thing a woman would do. You need to be a good girl for me.




  1. Man, this is a great way to troll fangirls who write letters pouring out their emotions to their oppas.

  2. I'm jelly of sulli_fag knowing both Ronald McDonald and Jack in the Box as friends.

  3. Please lend me your mining helmet because I'd go spelunking in those (that?) cuevas any day.

  4. here you go

    you brilliant bastard you

    1. lol why are arrows pointed towards her asshole and going backwards?

  5. I would wish you luck but since you're wooing one of my women I will have to give my strike team the green light to take you out.

    It was nice knowing you, oppa.

  6. Hahahaha good one... by the way, you looks like kitano

  7. Tia is so lucky to have such a kind and loving husband fag. <333

  8. You aint stealing my Tia!!!!

    I challenge you to a duel!!!

  9. isn't that the dude from battle royale or something
    i knew there was a reason you're such a psycho

  10. you ain`t takeshi kitano, skankhoe. i should know since hes MY daaringu, mmk?

  11. I love how she got 4 seconds of airtime on the Idol Olympics

    she won the Sprouting Idols race

    sprouting what? she's sprouting PUBES that's what.

  12. I have no idea, what the fuck is going on.

  13. Dear Tia from CHOCOLAT,

    Clean your room!!


    PS. I'm really proud of your life choices.

  14. Can't believe she's the same age as me

  15. LMFAO "El Pollo Loco" that made my day! I hate that restaurant tho...! :|


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