Monday, October 15, 2012

This Halloween, I'd like to be....

Halloween is coming up pretty soon. Tell me which idol you would like to be!? This is your only time of the year ( I believe?) to dress up like your idol, yet being acceptable for the most part in public!

Goo Hara, G.NA, Uee, Sohee (alien)

Big head...check
Bigger eyez....check!
Glamorously overrated bodies in kpoop...CHECK!


 Niel, Hyorin ( BAWBFISH)

A very popular costume so far. Steadily rising in popularity, especially in the blacker population of men. The infamous DSL will always provide the best service, attracting men like moth to a fire

Jessica, Hyomin, Taecyeon ( horses)

To be the RIDER, you must understand how it feels to be ridden upon by someone else. To dress up as those three above, one must dress up as a horse first. With extra make-up, you can look like Taecyeon. Extra powder, you can look like Sica, ect...

Versatile at its best. Considering how many korean idols look like that pony ^.^

Amber - be gay

Simple, plain, yet effective. Maybe you can get a guy or two for a ass fuck. Sullifag be diggin' those....

CL - Shark

Must i say anything about those killa eyez+jaw?
So I've heard that CL is locked up for a few upcoming Jaws movies
*The tittle is Da Return Of the Notoriouz Shark Girlz Boy and Lava Girl 1[2][3][4][5]*

It's hard to find another CL. So they immediately fired the last shark. Poor beast was butchered in a restaurant  yesterday ;( 

R.I.P. Billey da fishy

By the way, this is how CL takes selcas daily

Bom - Plastic Duck

Vivid enough?! No extra description needed. 
One should also sing " I'm a barbey gurllll, in a barbey worldddd. Ya can touch meh, ya can brush brush meh" while being Bom this Halloweens mmk.


I know many of you had fapped over her before. But let's be fair, no cheating my using da X-men costume mmk. More badass without da glasses mon. 


Probably the hardest thus far. Required 300+ lbs (did i underestimate?) Recommending diabetes and heart attack condition. Now we all know why Suji is such a high class girl :/

Boram (circus midget)

Enuff one get one free. Buy a costume, get this bad ass replica of yourself! She can rap better than you, be your bodyguard, and scare away your bullies!

Leeteuk (Gorilla)
cre: Nymston

Your typical gorilla suit...aside from the fact that nipples and penis must be shown if you are a guy. A ribbon or two won't hurt either mmk! Real men don't wear skirts anymore these days. Go commando andddddd show 'em that abssssssssss


If only we can have Suji showing us the trulyyyyyy holyyyyyy way to do this right :3
Shameful dizplray outfit. Only fit for lower class/poor bishes. Not recommend for kpop

So...who do you wanna bey????? wannabe? sound like a kpop song, but idk, dun remember. Anyways, I haven't decided yet and this won't be easy


  1. phewwwww
    finally it's out. Hard to brainstorm with so many options

  2. Thanx Reehji for dis, shud add exo Kris and Jungmin. And lol I wanna b either Boram(i get mistaken for being 13 all the time) or Suzy since Halloween in the only time you can dress like

  3. I'm gonna have to pick the Leeteuk, as a going away present for oppar

    1. LOL so joeyeon's being nakeddddd diz yearrr?

  4. What if... What if, lol...

    I'm gonna be... lmao

    Ima be.. You!!?!


    1. I haz nuthin' to do with kpop and visual oppar.

  5. I'm gonna be Ailee, without the extraordinary vocals.

  6. :/, taecyeon is a monkey not a horse. YOUR ARTICLE IS RUINED because of that! RUINED !!

    1. oh, i forgot to credit u for the pic

    2. it's alright dickvinh. I always knew you were a dick. :)

  7. Shit, the replica idea actually sounds awesome as fuck.

  8. Suzy,
    Already fat.
    Already a whore.
    Awww yeaaaah

  9. the buffalo costume.

    1. it'll be even better because nobody in my country celebrates Halloween and my school has a uniform so I'll be fucking legend.

  10. I wanna be CL
    Gonna white skin myself
    Get an ugly blond wig
    Stare cross eyed
    Make an outfit with a giant unicorn on it
    Start screaming at people how I am the baddest bitch among all the unicorns

  11. "Glamorously overrated bodies in kpoop...CHECK!"
    Korean fans think Hara has an elementary school kid body, you know

    As an Asian girl my dream is to look like a Caucasian girl
    things I'm planning to do
    - paint my skin with a nasty pink color with lots a visible blood vessels.
    - I'll wear an obese costume of course
    - I'm planning to broke my nose to make it crooked and bigger.
    - I need to chop off my lips
    - I'm looking for some makeup tricks to make my eyes look very sunken and deep in the socket, any ideas?

  12. taeyang > my sex slave

    Seungri > Feminist

    Siwon > LGBTQ Ally

  13. I don't know about a Halloween costume, but I'd like it if Taeyeon were locked in my basement for Halloween.

  14. Probably black face. I'll dress as some generic idol dressed as a black person. It's very meta, no?

  15. I'm gonna be HyunAh,so I can know what it is to be a Goddess for one day.
    On a non-biased note though,I'm probably gonna be Shindong so I can roll around with the excuse that I'm fat.

  16. lmao, damn you guys too cruel


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