Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dance group Black Queen to make their official K-pop debut, proves what we already know

If you've never surfed through YouTube looking for some fan's dance covers to laugh at, then you've probably never came across BLACK QUEEN's . I must addmit that i consider them to be pretty badass, in comparison with their counterpart, Waveya, who're there just for the boners.

They even made Sixth Sense look like an actual choreo

Anyhow, this girls have recently signed with Sun Woo Entertainment to make their official debut as a K-pop group.

How is this remotely interesting?, you may ask. Well it's easy to observe from this case the importance given to idols' musical skills in the k-industry. That is: close to zero. There aren't singers among them, they are, you know, dancers. Of course they're good at it (considering the low standars girl groups have in this topic) but it doesn't justify passing them as singers if they can't sing. Just saying.

And this is the fact that fangirls deny the most. We all came across some "Noona can sing! she only can't control her breathing while dancing!" or "My oppas can sing, they're just resting!"

Yeah... no

Of course there's always talented people that makes us regain the faith in the quality of the genre. And there're the T-aras who're

I care Luna, I care

But, while you can differentiate the actually talented from the one that makes your private parts happy, then you're safe from the k-pop delusion disease.


  1. I think Taeyang, Soyeon, Eunjung, Yesung, Minzy and Luna are talented. :)

    1. Daesung is way better than Taeyang IMO but he's underrated even among VIPs -_-

    2. Taeyang has the shittiest live vocals between Daesung and Seungri. Both of them shit on his terrible breath control.

    3. Taeyang?!!! Really? he can't sing live !

    4. I meant in dancing. I liked when he had deep voice in lalala though. Lol
      Daesung good

  2. The song sounds really badly produced. Like, indie garage rock bad. Barely any form of DRC or panning.
    Also, exactly how are they "badass"? Was there some sort of sarcasm I idiotically missed?

    1. "considering the low standars girl groups have in this topic"
      Being badass compared to F(x), who are supposed to be a "dance group", isn't that hard really

  3. did anyone hear all the auto tune ANYONE? cause if not then I must be loosing it. It goes to show that some of the idols don't get picked because they have voices instead of what they bring to the table like dancing and looks. LOL if you think that singing lessons helps them in one bit cause sometimes that SHIT don't work. And some companies instead of getting them to focus on their weaknesses they make them focus on their strong points so that they can "cover" their no talent singing or dancing or whatever. I bet you these girls can only sing in their showers and all they have is their dancing ability. I would have loved if they had cast-ed at least ONE person to sing and cover up their vocals for now but NOPE I get dance breaks so that they can catch their breath~


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