Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Akdong Musician To Finally Debut

Everywhere I go on Kpop sites, I keep on seeing Akdong Musician being hyped up as the next big thing. Since they won K-pop Star Season 2, people naturally have high expectations for them. However, just because you win a music show, it doesn't mean shit. I mean, come the fuck on, when Busker Busker wins on a Korean music contest show, the credibility of these kind of shows goes straight down the fucking shitter.

I actually have never listened to this group before due to not watching K-pop Star. I tried watching it because BoA used to be on it, but seeing Yang Hyun Suk and JYP on the same show was too much for my eyes to handle. Imagine a rusty, dull screw slowly entering your eye. You just want the shit to be over, but you have another 80 minutes of this shit before it's over. That's what watching K-pop star for me is like.

And here I am, still stalling for time because I really don't want to listen to this group. Both members are uglier than sin. I'm sure these two could have featured on The Walking Dead this past Sunday if they truly wanted to. Just paint their faces gray or some shit and they'd be convincing enough for me.

Oh yeah, these two are from YG, so they're bound to be ass.

Okay, I'm done, I'll go and listen to one of their songs from K-Pop Star.

Fuck me. Here's the song I tried listening to.

I may be half Korean, but I thank God that I didn't inherit any love-for-shitty-music gene. 


  1. did they seriously fucking cover mmmbop
    there is a reason everyone has forgotten about that song, it was a very deliberate and concentrated effort

    *also what is with yg and really ugly people

  2. YG has a thing of adopting mystic creatures.

  3. I get that YG signs some god ugly orcs because they have that YG image, some talent, and decent stage presence. What I don't get is that he signs 2 ugly orcs with no redeeming qualities. I always thought YG artists carry a superficial khip hop/gangstuh image, but Akdong Musician totally left fields that. Since they're obviously going down the cheesy love song duet route, isn't it a little awkward to be singing and performing cheesy love song duets as brother and sister? It also does not help that their singing reminds me of late night karaoke with my friends and me. It's mediocre and forgettable.

  4. Eh I know what you mean, I wasn't crazy about them in the beginning, but this song grew on me: I think they wrote it



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