Sunday, April 13, 2014

Annie Chen For Maybelline

I'm surprised I haven't made a post about Annie Chen yet. While I have written a lot of posts about my Korean "waifu" (Han Ye Seul) and my Japanese "waifu" (Toda Erika), I finally made one for my Taiwanese "waifu".


  1. Doesn't look Asian at all to me. lol

  2. She looks more like Southeast Asian than Taiwanese.

    Off topic but have you watched Marriage Blue? I need more Lee Yeon Hee but Taecyeon.. ugh. Or should I just download Miss Korea?

    1. I have not watched the movie yet. I know I will at some point.

      I loved Miss Korea. Read my review of it on Asian Junkie.

    2. Such a positive review. Also "If you have a craving for a slice-of-life drama without the usual melodramatic elements.." sounds like Hello Schoolgirl, the movie that makes me fell for her. OK, I'll watch it.

  3. Multiple waifus? I think I'm gonna be sick.


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