Friday, April 11, 2014

Fanfic Fridays: Strip Naked

Look at me honestly and say that you're not going to read a fanfic with that title. What? No? You're a filthy liar.

Fuck taeny drama. I READ WHAT I WANT.
This will be dirty.
If you're not okay with that, why are you even on this website?

I was searching for “khuntoria” stories because of the omgsoshocking news last week. I was half hoping for a double angst fic with taeny as well so I can consume the souls of fangirls everywhere. But... that title yo.


Chinese goddesses Victoria and Fei, Suzy for the porkers and some nugu bitch are all jaded stripper sluts ready to served you in this M rated fanfiction.

Won...da...gulls? Sounds vaguely familiar.

The only way this story can fail, is if no one strips naked.

The foreword described the girls' erotic dance routine in amazing detail. I didn't even care that they wrote “The youngest Suzy have her body waved”. It didn't matter. Fei's cunt-pussy was grinding on a metal pole. This was pure gold.

No punctuation; still fapped

And that was just the introduction. How would I be able to withstand the actual chapter?

Well, it started off right where the foreword ended with the girls going back to their dressing rooms. It focused on Victoria in particular as she lamented over the packed venue and and how many of them may have “actually spurts their release”. I stopped fapping and laughed boisterously.

This author clearly had the most minimal of grasps of the English language but boy do they try so hard! I couldn't bring myself to hate them for it. They clearly had all the best intentions with this glorious premise and I kind of just wanted to pat them on the head and coo, “you tried, honey.” At least, that's how I felt before Victoria was forcibly finger banged by some Ji Hoon dude.

So it was that kind of story. The type where seemingly sexually confident women are portrayed as abuse victims because durrrr no one becomes a sex worker because they want to. To top it all off, most of these stories end in some male saviour whisking them away from their toxic lifestyle into one of peace, happiness, babies and normal social constructs.

This UCAAD told Queen Victoria that some loser “desires” her and she accepted because she stopped giving fucks after her orgasm. He didn't even get a stiffy looking at her. I call bullshit.

The loser was Changmin.


He's back...

The other girls entered her room as if to remind me that they still exist in this story. Some exposition was dumped about what happens to UCAADs who don't follow the rules. This is all so pointless and boring that they left the room almost immediately after they entered.

Also Suzy is an annoying little trollop in this story.

hi hi hi lemme punch you

Now, Victoria was at Changmin's place and he was the thirstiest I have ever seen a man, drooling excessively and whatnot.
And the chapter ended with my girl giving him commands like a dog and asking him to prove his insatiable lust for Victoria flavoured oysters.



Yeah. Why not? The writing is shit but it's pretty damn entertaining.

I wouldn't call it perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but since I didn't have to force myself through the chapter, it's the best I've read so far.
You should probably give this a read. For the lulz.

Couldn't give a damn about the lack of Nichkhun though.


  1. Too bad this fanfic isn't just Victoria and Fei furiously scissoring each other.

  2. If a fanfiction has too many grammatical errors, I just stop reading it.

  3. Suzy is an annoying little trollop in the story of life.

  4. How sad, it had so much potential.

  5. That Suzy description at the beginning....

  6. changmin derp photos are so ace


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