Monday, April 28, 2014

Stupid Things Fangirls Utter 52

Guess who's back
Back again
Shinbi's back.
Tell a friend. 

This week's photo comes from tumblr:


Those aren't even paragraphs, dipshit. They are meager sentences. As well, you capitalized the last 2 points, but not the first word of the first bullet. A mistake right from the start. I don't know why that bothered me so much. I should never expect proper use of the English language from fans.

Also, "your bias" may be your personal bias, but other people may have the same biases. Either way, none of you have him/her. You can "claim" a person as your own (I am not condoning this. I am not saying anything. I am just saying...), but not a "bias" per se. Technically, a "bias" is your own feelings/thoughts anyways. Hence, a bias. (note: I acknowledge that the author of this brilliant piece may be using "bias" as a noun in itself though)

But what a plot twist! Did not see that coming. Was a roller coaster ride the whole read.

Man, they aren't even saying original declarations anymore. The same level of tom-foolery and dumb-assery all around.

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  1. Unless idols look for potential spouses by scrounging through dumb posts made by delusional fangirls, their chances of getting married are about the same as Crayon Pop doing a stripper concept. Maybe even less.

    Oh, and Chad Future's MV came out featuring that guy from VIXX.
    MV looks like a BAP "Warrior"/CL "Baddest Female" ripoff and the song is a bit below generic, but the random expletives were slightly amusing.

    1. The song sounds like something Teddy would trick out for 2NE1, so the genericness is expected

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  3. Shinbi's back.
    *Sherlock starts playing*

  4. shinbi unnir you're too nice; most people wouldn't have blocked out the name

  5. Guess who's back? Super Star 5-0-1! Get on this! SS501 we’re back, go, let’s go
    SS501, we’re back, just rock on~

    Sorry I just had to do it. ahh the good old days of ss501.


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