Sunday, April 13, 2014

Korean Lyrics Translation

Have you ever wondered what the lyrics were for a Korean song that you were listening to, but could never find any translations because either the song was from an indie group or a nugu group? Well, your problem is now solved!

One Hallyu recently set up a Korean and a Japanese lyric translation team after the success the Chinese lyric team had. I joined the Korean team a while ago and the requests finally started.

The request thread is here, and I will give priority to requests made from AKF readers. Obviously you would have to make note of who you are so that I can actually verify that you read AKF. You must make requests in that thread, as any requests made on here, twitter, and/or (yes, people still ask me shit even though I said I won't ever use it again) will be ignored.


  1. nope. i couldnt be into kpop if i understand what they say. if i was okay with terrible lyrics i'd listen to my own countries pop genre.

  2. wish could be for J-POP songs :(

    1. There is one for Jpop songs. I didn't join the Japanese team. I even mentioned that OH started a Japanese lyric translation team in this article.

    2. Sh*t you right! I'll request right now, thank you

  3. Nopes, im happy not understanding the lyrics of my KPOP songz :D


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