Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jaejoong To Be A Gangster In New MBC Drama 'Triangle'

In the upcoming MBC drama 'Triangle', Jaejoong will be portraying a gangster.

I don't buy it. At all.

If the series took place in San Francisco, sure, I could buy it. In reality, Jaejoong looks too effeminate to be a gangster. The only way he would intimidate me is if he formed a gang with all of his crazy fangirls and could command them to do anything. I'm sure crazy fangirls would do some sick shit like chopping a dude's head off and taking a dump in the person's severed head before sending the head to the rival gang. If Jaejoong promised sex with his crazy fangirls, you know his gang would be the most ruthless in history.

Anyway, I just wanted to cockblock Zaku before he could make up an elaborate story of how it is very convenient that I become really busy with life at the same time Jaejoong starts filming a new drama. 


  1. I still suspect you, "Chuck." lol.

  2. It’s just because some people have made a ‘specific criteria’ for gangster. In fact, reality either man or woman, no matter good looking or bad looking, can be a gangster. I am not going to pass judgement until I’ve seen the drama.

  3. does jyj even make music anymore

  4. Hm, I wonder if he had a chin implant of some sort. His jaw looks more frightening than usual.

    1. At a clinic located in Uncanny Valley, no less.

  5. Don't be fucking with J. You'd be good at guyliner too if you had a dozen sisters...

  6. We already have kawaii metal, might as well have kawaii gangster

  7. http://i.imgur.com/Sn41ide.png

    Originally said botox. And that was only 5 minutes after I posted that.

  8. [TRANS][MBC] #TRIANGLE Drama Introduction
    Being writer for 20 years, I have written various dramas including period drama, historical drama, and modern drama. In one way or another, the outcome has never been bad. However, there is always something missing in my heart. As the dramas I have written so far focused on the story, I couldn’t create an interesting character that lives for a long time in the viewers’ impression. And I couldn’t write a melo-drama which makes me feel satisfied.

    I started this drama in order to fulfill these 2 desires.
    This is a melo-drama led by an interesting character.

    Above the story of 3 brothers who have separated for over 20 years after losing their parents, lived without knowing about each other’s existence and reunited by destiny; the drama narrates the story of their success and love. Even if the world changes, the society changes, the power of true love is forever. This classic subject will be solved in a new way and new writing technique.

    Introduction to the production crew:
    Planning: Lee SungWoo (A Hundred Years’ Inheritance, Hooray For Love, Golden Fish, etc.)
    Producing: Jung Taewon (Taewon Ent.)
    Writing: Choi WanGyu (Guam Heo Jun, Lights and Shadows, Midas, etc.)
    Directing: Yoo ChulYong (Poseidon, Swallow the Sun, HIT, Sad Love Story, Into the Storm, etc.); Choi JungGyu (Lee Sang that Lee Sang, Two Weeks, Horse Doctor)


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