Sunday, April 13, 2014



This post has all the information you need about the KPOPALYPSE LIVESTREAM!

Q: I'm new to your livestreams.  Please explain what this is?

A: You go to a website at a designated time, sit back, drink a cup of your favourite beverage and watch Kpopalypse talk about k-pop stuff into a webcam for an hour or two.  Maybe ask questions if you could be bothered, or if not, just let him rant and rave about whatever bullshit he thinks is important.  It's that simple, folks.

Q: Wow, I was just going to go on a round-the-world camel trip but I think I'll do this instead!  When is it happening?

As usual, there will be two livestreams.  This is to cater to people in different timezones.  The times given are in my time which is Adelaide, Australia.  Click the links in the following paragraphs for a countdown clock.

The first livestream will be on Easter Sunday, 20th April at 9:30 AM.  On this stream I will reveal and discuss the results of the Kpopalypse survey!  I will also be unboxing physical copies of Stellar's "Marionette" and Orange Caramel's "Catallena"!  Plus discussing all the blog posts since my last stream in more detail and answering any of your questions.

The second livestream will be on Easter Sunday, 20th April at 5:30 PM.  This will be more of a laid-back affair with less structure, just a Q&A, although if you guys run out of shit to ask I'll probably revisit stuff from the first stream.

Q: What's the link?

The streaming link is:

Q: But I don't have a webcam...?

You totally don't need one of those.  Anyone asking questions will be doing that via text, not video.  If you want to ask questions, you will need a account - this is free.  If you don't have one, you may wish to go to and make one pre-emptively so you're not rushing around doing it at the last minute on the day and feeling like an unprepared doofus.

Q: But I've just spent the last three months of my life trolling you on, I don't have anything left to ask?

It doesn't really matter if you ask questions or not.  I'll have plenty to talk about.

Q: I'm watching your stream but you keep dropping out, why?

A: I live in Australia, where the government is too busy being a corrupt police state to worry about things like fixing everyone's shithouse Internet connections.  If a dropout happens, don't worry - I'll be back in a few minutes!  Just like Tony Abbott's promises, the dropouts never last long enough to be meaningful.

Q: I'm wetting my lips right now in anticipation!  I'll be there!


See you there, cao ni mas!!


  1. I suppose I can't ask love related problems lol

    1. Sure you can. Maybe wait until the second stream and wait until people have run out of k-pop questions, but I don't mind.

    2. I'll just ask you on LoL like I always do

      I kinda feel bad for you though for having to hear me blab lol

    3. At leasy if you ask me shit like that on the stream I can give you the answer quickly instead of having to tediously type it out. Save it till the end of the 2nd stream and go your hardest.

  2. Lol at the running bunny gif.
    See you on the 20th.

    1. That's a good GIF, I've looked and looked at it and I can't see the loop point.

    2. Isn't the looping point is located when the bunny is ay the back of the legs? Thw movement just accelerated there for some reason

  3. The countdown for Livestream 2 is for 5:30 AM (ie. in the morning).

    Other than that, w00t.


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