Thursday, April 17, 2014

MBC Scriptwriter Trolls Jonghyun Fan

I didn't find out about this until my livestream, but this shit is just way too funny to not write an article about.

What's better than an immoral person? An immoral person that gloats about it on SNS. That's why I love this story while everyone else is calling the dude an asshole.

In the past year, there has been quite a few controversies with MBC and SHINee in general, leading fans and normal Korean netizens to hate the team over at MBC. Knowing full well that you can never earn back goodwill in a society where everyone has a 10 foot pole up their ass when it comes to incidents not even concerning them, you may as well go all out and continue being an asshole to troll netizens. 

That is why this scriptwriter is a fucking genius. He knew what reaction he would get out of this and his planned worked. I look forward to his future endeavors.


  1. well hopefully this will be a lesson to all those crazy fanclubs that spend ridiculous amounts of money on shit that idols couldn't possibly keep anyway

  2. She didn't bitch about. Her reaction "Oh well, sorry Jonghyun." Literally. She didn't make a big deal out of it.
    While I do somewhat question why she sent it to MBC in the first place, the scriptwriter was being a bit of an asshole imo.

  3. Had to guess what the scriptwriter do, wasn't explained in this article and had to google for it as well.

    Anyways as much as I find trolling quite funny, this is quite a dick move.

    1. well see it's a dick move because to all appearances, it wasn't trolling, the writer was just a being mean-spirited little bitch

  4. I had to look up what it meant, but it was worth it. Fucking hilarious.

  5. I bet shit like this happens all the time, I have the feeling that a lot of international fans think that if they send stuff to the broadcasts it will somehow be given to their precious idols.

  6. To all you people that haven't bothered to Google this, here is what happened:
    Some fan girl from Poland sent some sweets to Jonghyun (SHINee) and the MBC crew confiscated it and ate it rather than going against the rules and giving it to the idol. What they did to cause such a stir was that they posted images on SNS of them with the sweets, saying things like "Thank you to the girl from Poland, we will enjoy" or something like that. Get it now?
    *sigh* Those crew members are evil genius'. *applause*


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