Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Shit Will Get Posted When It Gets Posted

Public service announcement because I'm tired of seeing the same type of comments.

You know, I wasn't lying. I'm doing everything I can to keep AKF running. I just don't have the fucking time. Zaku is even taking time out his schedule to do something that we can't announce right now. People keep clamoring for us to write about this or write about that. One, read the article I just linked to. Two, we're not a news site. Who cares when we cover things. Three, we have posted MV reviews 2-4 weeks late on a consistent basis ever since the blog opened. 

I only write once every 10-14 days and schedule all of my articles out over 2-3 weeks. Zaku can't write as much as he used to, either. We do just about 95% of the MV reviews here.

Shit will get posted when it gets posted.

Enjoy some more gifs of BoA.


  1. "We do just about 95% of the MV reviews here."

    Yeah, but I do the best MV reviews when I get off my lazy ass.

    Maybe I'll be inspired again when Kara returns with their hot new recruits (they may or may not be talented, but DSP at least knows how to pick out hotties)

    Also, I think like 7 people tried to review akdong's mv but they all fell asleep in the process.

    1. "Also, I think like 7 people tried to review akdong's mv but they all fell asleep in the process."
      Thanks for warning me to not watch it while studying.

  2. Don't feel pressured to write more than you feel you should. If there's less posts people will cope.

    If I start doing MV reviews the world could end. But I have another, different post coming soon.


    but it was an honest question, I wasn't trying to force anyone to produce an article ASAP, if you say no, I'll be like ok fine

  4. Take your time. Don't rush articles because some of us are clamouring for more. It's better to have quality over quantity. I'm anticipating the Crayon Pop one. I myself tried to review Akdong Musician's song, but it felt so boring I fell asleep before realizing that I had yet to write a single word about it.

  5. what m/v did the last 2 GIFs come from?

  6. For a second there, I didn't even know what secret project it was you were referring to. LOL

  7. Replies
    1. There are more Tail of Hope gifs here.



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