Friday, April 18, 2014

Fanfic Fridays: AKF Bangs Every Member In Popu Lady

The Duchess is sick this week, which is why there wasn't an article from her posted earlier today. I saw her tweet something about lesbian porn and scat always seeming to be paired together in her searches, so she must have seen something really nasty, causing her to be sick for several days.

AKF, wanting to take a vacation, decided to fly to Taiwan. He wanted to see Popu Lady live, vowing not to be a raging fanboy when he would eventually meet Popu Lady in person. 

At the end of the fanmeeting, AKF slipped into Popu Lady's empty van and hid in the back. The Popu Lady members jumped in the van, ready to go to their next destination on their packed schedule. Unbeknownst to the members, AKF was lurking in the back. In a totally believable sequence of events that mirrors a Japanese porno, AKF ended up having an orgy with all of the members.

The next morning, when he went to take a piss, he noticed that his penis didn't look like it should. He had contracted every STD known to man. He didn't even know how it happened, since it looked like every member was clean. At the very least, he would have noticed if any of the girls had their pussy and asshole covered with genital warts.

AKF tried his best to remember, and finally remembered what happened in excruciating detail.

Hong Shi (pictured below) gave him the orgasm of his life, making a jizzing scene in a hentai anime look tame in comparison. He jizzed so much that he thought his balls were going to shrink to the size of peas. AKF was slowly passing out when some fat, disgusting prostitute boarded the van.

"This is your payback, you kimchi-sauerkraut faggot!" Ouch, he wasn't getting hated on for just being an inferior Korean, but also for being German. "We know Germans love nasty-as-fuck porn, so you should love this!"

"But my ancestors emigrated to America one hundreds years ago," feebly said AKF as he didn't have any strength left to move. "I'm just German by blood...I'm not like those sick fucks." AKF's face grew paler as he saw the disease-ridden vagina of this fat hooker.

"It doesn't matter, because according to a lot of people, everything that can be explained about you is genetic."

"But, the 'weirdest' porn I've ever watched is squirting, and that shit is mainstream these days. It's not like I'm into midgets wearing unicorn costumes getting buttfucked by a horse which is getting fucked by a shemale!" AKF proclaimed, trying to squirm away before the diseased vagina engulfed his dick.

AKF cried and blacked out soon later after the fat prostitute essentially raped him.

"Well, fuck this," AKF said as he took a sharp knife and cut off his penis. Now I'm going to jump off this building, and unlike Andre Johnson, I hope I don't have to live after this."


  1. This shits all over Kpopalypse's work... 10 stars oppa!

  2. "Kimchi-sauerkraut faggot". This is brilliant.

  3. Why would you do abominable stuff on yourself in your own fanfic lol

  4. Better than a lot of shit out there tbh

  5. Ends with a chopped off penis and suicide. This sounds so depressing it could be a Leonardo DiCaprio movie. #givethatmanagrammyalready!

  6. This is the type of ending that I enjoy in movies. two thumbs up!

  7. *wipes tears* that was beautiful.

  8. The most epic fic I've read this year (^_^)... and Wow, Popu Lady especially Hong Shi are really cute (and hot). AKF once again enlightened my vision.

  9. That's rather masochistic, Author-nim. Update pl0x.

  10. I thought this was going to turn into a joke about Ting Xuan sleeping around.

    I quite like Popu Lady, been waiting to see what they'll do next. It's nice to see some Taiwanese groups with good production quality, similar to kpop vids. Personally, I think Yu Shan is the cutest.

  11. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten oppar


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