Saturday, April 12, 2014

Three Year Anniversary

Too bad BoA isn't here to celebrate with us. Anyhow, it's been an amazing three years so far, and despite work and graduate school in the future consuming my life, I can't wait to see what the next three years have in store.


  1. Maybe she'll come if you write a nice letter :D

  2. Oppar, thank you for taking your time in keeping this site active. Seriously, I am graduating in a month and then is also graduate school for me. I don't know how you make time.


      And the picture linked in that tweet.

      The sleep part needs to be readjusted because I'm not getting shit for sleep lately.

  3. Congrats to AKF! I will celebrate with you on the stream!

  4. Congrats man! It's amazing what you can accomplish when a bunch of teenagers running a fan forum ban you for being honest.

  5. Remember that time you were going to give the site to me and BBBB? And that other time you thought you were going to shut it down when I insisted I couldn't do it alone? We are all sure glad you didn't. Congratulations, Bossu-oppa~!! <3


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