Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Choiza likes to fap to a stock photo of Sulli

A netizen supposedly "found" Choiza's wallet, and being an upstanding citizen of Worst Korea, they promptly decided to take a photo of the wallet's content and post it on the internet. The wallet contains a small shrine dedicated to Choiza's long-rumoured girlfriend, Sulli, with two of the stickers being of, what appears to be, Choiza and Sulli being kawaii together.

SM denied the sinful allegations that Sulli could possibly be interested in Choiza and his kuku, once again, stating that they just have a close "hoobae-sunbae" relationship. 

There's pretty much no denying that Sulli and Choiza are a couple, but I highly doubt that the stock photo of Sulli was in Choiza's wallet when the netizen first discovered the item. More likely than not, the Netizen actually placed a stock photo of Sulli in Choiza's wallet as some sort of confirmation that Sulli has letting Choiza's kuku into her vajayjay.

Of course, netizens remained pressed over the apparent relationship saying that "Spring days are over for Lee Soo Man". Oooh, how unsettling! Sulli and Choiza's relationship is the tip of the iceberg crashing into the hull of the Titanic! Call the police, call the guvnah!

Anyway, the netizen sounds more like a saesang thief desperate to expose Sulli's and Choiza's relationship, rather than a good ol' netizen of Worst Korea who would hand the missing wallet into the police, rather than examining the wallet's content. This netizen will probably end up finding themselves bearing the weight of criminal charges. But, he did it to expose the deceitful nature of SM idols! Idols that are taught to use to send each other secret messages through a new form of Morse Code known as instagram! Oh, how sneaky those SM idols are! I hope their building burns to the ground!!!

Oh, and I think we should all pray for sulli_fag's health in light of this revelation.


  1. finally karma catches up with sm for giving everyone besides fx shitty music. i knew releasing garbage like wolf, igab, everybody, and many many more wouldnt go unpunished. the music gods have have finally taken their wrath upon sm entertainment.

  2. I find the names you call their genitals... amusing. Aaanyways RIP sulli_fag

  3. Well sulli feg better like smelling choiza's butthole too nao

  4. Akisame you cao ni ma I had the perfect post planned for this... I should've called dibs.

    1. I might write it anyway but not soon. Too many posts about the same shit could be boring.

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