Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hani is so bored she'll take any gig she can get

You may or may not have noticed that Hani hasn't had shit to do since Dasoni wrapped up promotions for the apparently aptly-named "Goodbye" 16 fucking months ago, which was really a somewhat small subgroup promotion more recent than the last EXID promotions, which were 4 months before that. Every now and then EXID have performed at a college campus or music festival here and there, but for the most part it seems the members have been individually trying to scrape their way onto as many radio and variety shows they can while their agency just hangs around the practice room fapping to them.

Seeing how hard it has been for them, it is not merely a sad sign for the state of EXID, but actually an inspiring sign of Hani's determination and refusal to let her career be buried that she agreed to feature in this song and MV. It seems that they didn't have money for anything but a graphic artist, so they asked her to show up to a random bridge somewhere and she pulled out her old Dasoni dresses out of her own closet, but damnit, she's getting herself out there.

So cheers to Hani, and we will help her get some more exposure.


  1. I second the labels. She's not 'exposed' enough.

  2. This groups are due for a comeback: GLAM, EXID and EvoL.

  3. Replies
    1. Nope.

      If anything Hyeyeon should leave. Not that I care anyway.

    2. Not being in BESTie doesn't mean she can't do anything. Girl has pipes and a rockin bod. If G.NA can do solo, she can too. Then we'll have Uji drying throats and the most flawless visual girl group in existence too.

    3. Hyeyeon is hot af, I also find her weirdly hilarious. She stays.

      Adding Hani would be fucking incredible. BESTie is best, I agree with the flawless visuals as well.

  4. I actually quite love this song. It has that club-banging sound like GsD's "Expectation" only more hardcore is how I would describe it. I really like Hani's singing, her voice is very distinctive for me, maybe it's her lower tone.

  5. we all need more hani in our life's


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