Monday, June 30, 2014

Park Bom's Drug Smuggling Operation Busted

Everyone knew YG was full of druggies, from Psy to GD to everyone in between

No one really had any definitive proof that the YG Family was neck deep in it of course. Psy's bust was way back when in 2001, and GD didn't really mean to smoke the weed that was in the cigarette that the dirty Japanese ape forced him to take in the bathroom. Until now.

2NE1's very own Park Bom was caught trying to smuggle amphetamines into the totally healthy, drug-free nation of South Korea.


"In a report by KBS News, according to prosecutors on June 30, Park Bom attempted to bring approximately 80 pills of amphetamines into Korea from the United States via international post... and the singer was found out while passing through customs at Incheon International Airport. However, according to the report, her case was suspended, as amphetamines can be given as a prescription in the United States, and there was an instance of Park Bom being prescribed the drug while in the U.S. 
"...distribution of the drug is banned in Korea. 
"Park Bom’s agency YG Entertainment has stated that they will soon be releasing an official statement." 
Yep. You read that correctly. Park Bom was hopped up on speed, ice, shabu, whizz, fettle, throttle, meth, crack, coke, yayo, blow, cocaine, e, ecstasy, MDMA, Ritalin, Adderol, and/or all sorts of amphetamines, and tried to MAIL HERSELF 80 PILLS OF THAT SHIT.

Intelligence of the act aside, Park Bom has been ousted as either one of two things:

(1) Park Bom is the true leader of the YG Family drug cartel. We all thought it was GDruggin, but that guy is small time pussy shit. He just pushes half ounces of shit weed he probably grows himself on his patio, but Park Bom is the real deal. She's pushing the real shit, the hard shit that everyone wants a piece of but is too afraid to get their hands dirty for.

(2) Park Bom is just a poor mule, caught in a bad position by the popo because someone probably ratted her out. I blame JYP, they're pretty jealous of the other big entertainment groups these days. At any rate, the true mastermind behind the YG Family drug cartel is still unknown.

The fan outcry has been extremely delicious, with both sides ("WOW PARK BOM IS A FUCKIN' DRUGGIE, BURN THE WITCH" and "UNNIE DIDN'T MEAN IT") full of hilarity. Most of Park Bom's defenders are saying how she has a prescription for them and she was totally in need of it, so case closed.

As if people can't get prescriptions for anything these days, or as if you need prescriptions to get pretty much anything you want. Just head toward your nearest college campus if you yourself want to get your hands on some of these "amphetamines" for example (in any country, I guarantee you). And besides, amphetamine itself is a pretty broad term for a wide range of narcotics from the relatively mild Adderol to the big bad crack cocaine. It's illegal in Korea to have this shit, and drug use in general is heavily stigmatized. I don't need to remind you all how crazy everyone gets when people get caught with marijuana, and that's the "baby" of illegal substances. There's really no reason, culturally for all you relativists (mostly using the wrong interpretation or flawed premises, more on that in a future article) or otherwise, that this was okay.

Look, I don't mean to pass definitive legal judgment on this whole deal (as I'm not qualified, let alone give a shit), but you gotta admit... MAILING YOURSELF SHIT THAT IS ILLEGAL IN YOUR COUNTRY BY FEDEX? Not exactly the smartest idea. When I first saw the headlines, I thought she was getting pills from her fangirls sewn into the stuffed animal goods or hiding that shit under her boobs or something. But MAIL? Come on man.

Not exactly her finest hour.
In addition, YG released a personal letter trying to diffuse the situation (translated here by our good pals Allkpop). I can't be assed to dissect the thing line by line, but I just wanna bring this particular one to your attention:
It's said [the drug] has narcotic properties, did they know of this?
In common sense, what mother and grandmother would go get their daughter and grandmother narcotic?
Especially in a world like today when most medications need prescriptions, how many people know of what kind of properties a medication has?
Emphasis mine. How many people know of what kind of properties a medication has? ALL THE RESPONSIBLE ONES? In America at least, doctors are expected to know the side effects and properties of a drug so they can SAFELY prescribe something to the patient based on their personal medication history, health concerns, and other important factors. I can't imagine a world where any self-respecting doctor would just let her take drugs "prescribed to her by a famous university hospital in the U.S." without letting her know what it does or what to expect in terms of side-effects or WHAT THE FUCK SHE'S ACTUALLY TAKING. Of course, you can take the letter however you like, but I just was extremely irritated by that bullshit line. Especially as a pre-health student.

However, I think the biggest thing to keep in mind is how this whole thing was revealed to have gone down in 2010. Yes, almost 4 years ago (I intentionally left that part out in the quote at the top because I wanted to join in on all the sensationalism going on at the moment, kappa), but is suddenly being brought up now.

According to the press (Yes, I know it's Allkpop but they're the only ones with some more context into the whole thing. Surprising to me too.)/authorities, the whole thing was caught and pardoned back in 2010 without a trace.
She was originally caught by customs, and it was reported to the Incheon District Prosecutors. The pills were scheduled to be delivered to the address of a relative and the package recipient was in the name of Park Bom's relative. The prosecution discovered the package was meant for Park Bom after investigations at the receiving address. The case was officially registered on October 19th. However, 42 days later on November 30th, the prosecutors decided to suspend the case. Case suspensions for cases where there is a charge, but there is no need to book the case. When cases are booked, a suspected person's status changes to a criminal suspect. It's the first time that the prosecutors have given such an indulgence to a for drug related crimes. Park Bom avoided all punishment because of this, and many are wondering why they decided to just let her go. 

A prosecutor with experience in drug investigations said, "Even if it is their first time, amphetamine smugglers are held and investigated by rule, and I cannot understand what the logic behind not even booking her case was.There are cases where drug criminals are first booked and then the cases are suspended, but I've never heard of a case where it wasn't even registered."
Sounds pretty shady to me. YG probably pulled some strings, paid some people, and scared some others into making this go away at the time. That part shouldn't really surprise anyone, but there are those who are saying that (as is alarmingly common for "major scandals" in the damn country) Park Bom's drug thing is being used to mask outcry for a different governmental scandal altogether. With the track record of previous scandals and suspicious timing, I'm fairly inclined to believe the allegations of government media manipulation. People are starting to realize it, but all the idiotic fangirls are drowning a lot of that conversation. Sigh.

But enough about that. With the not-so-obvious reveal of the YG Family drug cartel, this makes the Big 3 entertainment companies embroiled in some pretty funny scandals. If YG's been busted for drug and SM/JYP/CCM have been busted for embezzlement, who's next? Will Cube be busted for prostitution? Will Loen be caught in a gambling circuit? Will we ever find out how deep the YG Family drug cartel's rabbit hole goes??


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    1. You talking about zaku, or the writer from All- oh, okay.

    2. ;A; RIP in peace my dreams

  2. It's likely that the SK government (I guess there are people made responsible for the ferry sinking ? I barely know anything about it) was involved in this media release. They're not much better than China in that regard.

  3. The real question is, does she cook in her underwear?

  4. Did Bom get to meet Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, "Better Call Saul" Goodman, Mike Ehrmantrout, and Gustavo "Gus" Fring?

    1. Perhaps she'll appear on Better Call Saul.

  5. Or maybe she got the stuff from G-Druggin'

  6. I would totally watch breaking bom

    feat all her cray friends

    minzy- the twerk addict

    CL- the bad but bad as in good yet still bad but kinda good yet bad at being bad yet good at being bad bad drinker

    Dara-stoned hippy tripping on everything

    1. The CL bit made me snicker more than I probably should have.

  7. I knew those titties were fake, but I thought they were silicone, not silicocaine.

  8. I honestly just feel bad for her at this point. YG's letter didn't seem to help.

  9. TL;DR I got the gist of it though.

    Honestly I'm just reveling in all this and laughing my ass off at the comment sections of several blogs, seeing as I most of the time don't like anything YG related, I'm havin fun with my tub of popcorn.

  10. Bom was prescribed those drugs when she was 15 or 16. Bom at 30 is maybe a B (borderline B+ for her humor) in the intelligence department so I'd wager she's dumb enough to not question the drug she took for 11 or so years but not to purposely mail herself illegal pills in the mail. Changing psychiatric drugs is tricky business and if she thought it was just a matter of it not being sold in Korea... Or, if her parents/relatives knew it was illegal but never told her...

    You also left out the context of the situation. How she watched a friend (well, at the very least an acquaintance) die in front of of her during a soccer match she was playing in. From the articles it seems they first thought a collision during the game was to blame for the girl's death (as in two girls bumped then one of them dropped dead on the field) but, later they realized it was an aneurysm. Still, apparently it's the trauma of that which triggered all sorts of things for Bom.

    And honestly, if you watch her in anything for more than two seconds it's not too far of a stretch to think she struggles with these kinds of issues and was actually prescribed the drugs. I really do feel bad for her because she seems very sweet and insecure.

    1. That context thing came out later, but I still think it doesn't really apply to much other than why she might have the damn pills in the first place. Doesn't really explain what went through her head when she decided to mail the shiet to herself.

      But more importantly, why is this a big deal now? If it was done and buried ages ago, why bring it back up now?

    2. Well you did reference YG's letter in your post which does mention the context of the friend dying and the psychiatric treatment.

      And nothing went through her head when she mailed them to herself because that's not what happened. Now, that bit of information DID come out later so I can't hold you accountable for that. :) But even if that was what happened, it makes sense when you consider she didn't think the pills were illegal, simply unavailable in Korea. People buy medication internationally all the time for various reasons.

      As for why now? Well, there was no press about it before so this is the first time everyone is hearing about it. People have been mentioning it might be a distraction to Korean government Sewol shenanigans. Or maybe SM is trying to deflect from their recent scandals. Or more likely some low life cop wanted to make a few bucks since Bom is pretty popular right now with the recent successful comeback and being on Roommate. Whatever it is, it sucks that Bom was the sacrificial lamb. She gets enough shit as it is.

  11. I still can't understand why anyone in their right mind would want to be in Korean entertainment. I understand that the Canadians and the Americans can't get work here because it's a pretty exclusive club that doesn't recognize Asians. But how is it worth the bullshit? I can't see being a young good looking entertainer if you can't party and bang everything that moves. Hell, a lot of the rock musicians in the US said they started out playing music so they could get chicks and trash motel rooms. There just aren't enough perks.

    1. The funniest thing about these kind of stories is that international fans are the ones who sound the most butt-hurted, like they feel "betrayed" or some shit.

    2. I didn't see much of that although I did see a lot of "but it's illegal". So they're all a bunch pussies and pillow humping shut ins that never did anything ever to break the rules. Where's the fun in that, of course when I was their age I was out catching a buzz and doing fun shit. My life didn't start to get boring and routine until I had my first kid. Maybe that's why I don't begrudge anyone else a little bit of freedom. I know how easy it is to lose it. They all need to get wasted and get laid.

    3. Oh but they do. Behind closed doors, or in VIP lounges. You'd be silly to assume all the KPop idols are straightedge virgins.

  12. i thought the reason she always slurred her words was because her face is always numb, but i guess we know the real reason now..

    1. No the-so-called prosecutors are trying to take everyone's eyes off of Koreas financial problems so their blaming Hallayu Wave stars from big entertainment companies such as YG. I love LOVE park bom anyone who hates her does not have to publicly bash her keep it too your self DANMIT!!!!

  13. YG family? They should change it to YG drug cartel...


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