Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Simon D apologizes for banging Sunny and not telling you

Well it would seem Simon D apologized for "making sexual remarks and speaking informally" to Sunny, and that k-netz are just thinking he's a typical insolent hip-hop boy and their precious Sunny is a pure angel. I guess they haven't been paying attention, because Simon D has been playing the idol game for years now and he knows perfectly damn well how to behave, especially refining the art of escaping since E-sens got busted for weed. No, there is only one reason Simon D would be speaking so comfortably with Sunny, and that is because he's in the habit of dirty talk before banging her, which he probably did after the radio show. Actually, it may be more correct to say she's banging him, just as he is the guest on her show. She's a rather commanding type.

I'll make things more clear after the break.

...or more like Simon's D
And then to make Sunny more clear for you guys...

"Bah! Stop teasing us and just show us the titties!" -You

Well okay...


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