Monday, June 30, 2014

J-Min - After

So for all three of us here at AKF that watched Miss Korea (Fany, Soyeon Friend and myself), we have already heard this song months ago.

It's nice to see SM letting J-Min out of the basement and make a formal debut in Korea later this summer. This song was rearranged and released as a single, but she's supposed to come out with a brand new song next month. J-Min has spent several years in Japan and has been releasing OST songs in Korea for a couple of years, but she must have not licked Lee Soo Man's nutsack enough to get a debut. Seeing that SNSD, EXO and Sulli are creating headaches for SM, launching J-Min's Korean career seems like a lame attempt to distract everyone.


  1. Replies
    1. Lol the fat chick at the beginning looks like Bom.

    2. The fat chick is Hyomin in a fatsuit-y make-up face mask thing.

    3. Hyomin pulling off a "200-pound beauty"

    4. Hahahahaha LOL NOT:( Leave Bom alone you faggot!

  2. Oh fuck yeah, J-Min's Stand Up was bloody awesome and I definitely look forward to stuff like this.
    Although I got to remind, parts of this actually reminds me of a song from Greenland, but for the love of God I can't remember which one.
    That only makes it awesomer though.

    Didn't realize she was from SM though, gawd damnit SM y u no debut her earlier :l

  3. Her stuff seems to be heavily influenced by (early) 00's American pop. I'll admit its brings on a bit of nostalgia and I can't help but embrace it.

    Though.. listening to "Looking For a Hero" from her last Japanese album, she might have overshot being influenced by straight up ripping off Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" (unless the rights were bought 10 years later).

    Still got love for the girl ,mind you.

  4. Miss Korea... i miss you! what an underrated drama.

    1. "Miss Korea" was such a good show! I didn't realize J-Min was from SM. Or that this song was new for the show. I'm learning so much today.


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