Saturday, June 21, 2014

Eunjung Admits Tsundere Tendencies, Korea Doesn't Want

In the latest installment of "Things We Can Add to the Anti-T-ara Circlejerk," Eunjung recently admitted to being a massive tsundere in her love life.

 "I'm the type that's aggressive by day but sweet by night. I want to let the man win at night. I want to give him the ability to conquer/dominate me."  -Source (Netizenbuzz)
So Eunjung is the type that act a bad bitch in the streets, but a meek and submissive maiden in the sheets huh? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

But no, netizens gonna netizen, so they went ahead and played the moral police instead of thinking of all the wonderful possibilities.
1. [+1,487, -70] Wow ㅋㅋㅋ I think this is the first time an idol publicly admitted to sex

2. [+1,284, -55] This is my first time leaving a reply on a T-ara article.. but doesn't her statement basically mean she's given everything up? 

4. [+147, -1] Does she not care anymore ㅋㅋㅋ She said she was going to ask her ex boyfriends the question ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+134, -20] Can't believe this is being said on broadcast ㅋㅋ Koreans were never so open minded on sexual topics. I get that we should respect Western culture but why are we following them instead of maintaining our own culture? At this rate, they're going to be asking stars their favorite sex positions on TV. 

6. [+114, -8] Since when did we become a country that publicly talked about our sex lives on TV? Maybe I'm too conservative but I just don't understand...

7. [+104, -12] She just publicly admitted to having sex... Doesn't it embarrass her to talk about this? 

8. [+72, -0] I guess she really has nothing to lose now

9. [+69, -6] Changed the channel after seeing Eunjung but this is past the point of adult idol, she's a straight up sex idol

10. [+67, -9] That's quite a strong statement. I don't know whether she's being honest or if I should not be as surprised as I am considering she's old enough to have the experience. 

11. [+47, -10] How does she plan on getting married when she's saying stuff like this publicly? She's barely in her mid twenties...

12. [+36, -3] Is she out of her mind? She actually said she wanted to contact her ex boyfriends.. She really just publicly admitted to having lots of sex?
Like many of you have probably realized, most of the outrage is over how an "idol" like Eunjung basically "admitted" to getting mad dick on the air. It all ties back to the illusion of virginal perfection that these girls are supposed to maintain for the fans, but really, even with that in mind it's a Catch-22 situation.

She went on a 19+ rated show (signalling adult content), was asked a question that more or less was about her sexual preferences, and answered fairly matter-of-factly. If she skirted the question or didn't really answer, she'd be criticized for not participating or not trying hard enough or being unprofessional or whatever shit people want to call it. If she answers the question, she gets crucified for being a "slut." You can't really win here, but since she is a part of T-ara, people are going to find something to hate on anyway.

The best part is that outraged comment wondering how she's going to get married now that she's said something like that. BITCH PLEASE, THIS ONLY ENHANCES HER APPEAL. Why Korea doesn't want an attractive young girl who is "submissive" in bed, I will never understand.

Which brings me to my next gripe. I think all the controversy is nonsense as usual, but what pisses me off the most is HOW EVERYONE IS MISSING THE POINT. Eunjung, a comely lass (*tips fedora* "M'lady), has just publicly admitted to wanting to be CONQUERED/DOMINATED IN BED. COME ON PEOPLE, GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT.


Don't leave her hanging!! ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)


  1. Nothing new.
    Korean society being hypocritical as usual.

  2. Basically my ideal type : who wouldn't love strong/smart women who get the business done like a boss at day but sure know how to give her man the reward (her BF: are you ready for the shibari technique I've been practising during the holiday....huhuhu).
    And in the show: dat pale white shirt and brownish golden bob --- too damn hot

  3. Happy to skip on this and let Zaku do the writing because he needs to lift his blogging profile for MOTHERFUCKING KCON YEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHHH

    1. I admit that I enjoyed someone on NetizenBuzz actually naming you in relation to an article about this.

    2. I like it when people whore me out on NB because it saves me the trouble of doing it myself. I didn't notice this one you're referring to though.

    3. It was someone who said we just had to wait for your article about this.

    4. Bless them. They might be waiting a while though. I don't usually write about issues just when they break, because there often isn't much to say that isn't being said elsewhere. In this case Zaku and also AJ have now written great articles that say everything that needs to be said, so a third article from me just basically agreeing with those would be redundant. I only write articles about something like this if I think I've got something different to bring to the table. This may or may not happen, depending on factors that are unknown to me at present...

  4. Also, do netizens seriously believe that a gorgeous 25 year old woman like Eunjung is still a virgin? I'm pretty sure she got deflowered long before T-ara existed.

    And who knows? Maybe the Cyclops Overlord wasn't even the first female to lick Eunjung's pussy.

  5. Personally, I believe that any woman who has had sex at any point in their lives needs to be burnt and crucified in the street in front of their family.


    Did it work? Have I turned into a Korean yet?

    1. somewhat

    2. jaejin fag, lol for a second or two i nearly thought you were serious with that first sentence LOL.

      Ah well, my eternal T-ara bias Eunjung turns out to be an M.

  6. Jiyeon confirmed dominatrix 2014

    source: Eunjung.

    She's obviously a lesbian.

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  8. And here I was thinking I couldn't like Eunjung any more than I already do ...

  9. The NB comment section derailed really, really fast.
    Was odd, you'd think they'd talk more about how nice everything you said is.

    Also WTB subs.

    1. I trawled through that comment section and couldn't even find the comment about me in there. Disqus comments deteriorate into rubbish really fast these days because all people want to do is link jokey images rather than actually have discussions. It becomes an unreadable mess.

  10. "I get that we should respect Western culture but why are we following them instead of maintaining our own culture?"
    Right, because the East is a beacon of purity. You're not fooling me, I've seen japanese porn.

  11. I'm pretty sure those comments came from either fanboys who want to bang her, but realize that they don't rock a horn in their shorts, or fangirls who felt bored and decided to find something to bash her with, as usual, because what do you expect from K-netizens?

  12. A perfect girl who's submissive in bed? That's the dream. For now I'll settle with fapping but someday I'll come and get you for real Eunjung.

  13. I have never watched this show but after this and after I heard Girls Day's SOJIN will be a guest on the next episode I MUST WATCH.


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