Friday, June 27, 2014

Jeon Hye Bin - 2AM

This is what Kpop was before netizens had to netizen and slut shame female artists to hell.

I mainly posted this because I am already addicted to The Joseon Gunman and Jeon Hye Bin (the girl in the video) is the second female lead in the drama.

Plus I just wanted an excuse to post this pictorial.

Anyhow, in this era of "tolerance," I'm still surprised slut shaming is still a thing. I'm not advocating that Korean idols go all National Geographic on us, but as long as they are clothed, they should be able to wear whatever. I find the fashion that 2NE1 wears more harmful to my eyes than girls in tight fitting clothes. What I have learned is that a woman's body shouldn't be shown on TV but stuff like this is definitely OK.

C'mon Kyoto Animation, I've been waiting nine years for the next installment of Full Metal Panic.



  2. Sucks that I'll remember the last picture most.

  3. 10 years ago! Those were the good times.

  4. Nice.

    A bunch of similar videos on that same YouTube channel:

    1. 2008, around the same time AKB48 gotten popular...

      Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

  5. Those are some shiny-ass legs O,o

  6. Damn. she has a really hOt body. too bad I am not a fan of her face.


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