Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sulli's Image Teaser

Sulli is going with the "Choiza jizzed in my eye and now I have to wear an eye patch" theme.


  1. Definitely has that crack whore theme. I like where this is goi--

    f(x) - Red Light

    During my past childhood,
    I dreamt a beautiful dream about riding a balloon and flying
    If a red balloon flies in the sky,
    My heart remembers beautiful memories

    My dream as a child was to ride a red balloon
    And fly high into the sky
    I forgot about that small dream and lived till now
    Because I grew up too much

    But when I’m miserable
    I want to run around and play like a child
    Filling a balloon full of my small dreams

    ...god damn it SM.


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