Sunday, May 15, 2016

Chinese singer Plagiarized an iKON song?

I was reading this article at KPKF and this video was the first thing I thought of. Most people are going to focus on the fact that the Chinese singer plagiarized iKON. Sure, maybe he did, I don't know. I had a hard enough time getting through the Chinese song, so I wasn't going to torture myself and listen to the iKON song and then the overlaying of the two songs.

The bigger crime was choosing a shitty song to plagiarize. Rich Korean kids acting all gangster and shit is as authentic as Donald Trump's hair.

Speaking of Trump, I have the perfect job for him. He says that he's going to negotiate the best deals with China so that China stops stealing shit. Since the Chinese are obsessed with Song Joong Ki right now, give them Song Joong Ki nude pics in return for not stealing anymore Korean songs.

Problem solved!


  1. C-c-could we get that "nude pictures" deal thing also done for some female idols?

    1. Trump could probably negotiate some T-ara nudes for you.

  2. Srsly China needs to stop coping everything .. Fake phones that looks like iPhone but cheaper .. Fake Eggs .. Low quality products literally coping everything with a cheaper price .. Wanna make a Chinese version of DOTS which will fail .. Their dramas are a boring copied version of Kdrama .. A freaking C-version of Mostly famous Korean variety shows.... Gosh


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