Friday, May 20, 2016

Fancam Appreciation #35 - Ex-SNSD's Jessica

Just think how great the Genie fancams would be with today's technology. I ran out of scheduled Fancam Appreciation posts (there are plenty that have been submitted to me, just haven't written them yet), so I decided with today's edition to go with Sexica. The problem is that most of SNSD's good songs are really old, and that means lower quality fancams. I had to post this one because of the top comment, though:

"Her legs are AMAZING! i want to be between those thighs thrusting so hard. Fappppppppppppppppp"
Right you are, sir. Or ma'am, if you want to peg Jessica RIGHT IN THE PUSSY.

"Mr. Mr." is SNSD's least offensive Korean title track in the past six years, so in my quest to find a more modern fancam Sica fancam, I was fairly limited with the videos I could pick for a second fancam.

Are there fancams that you want to nominate? Email them to or tweet them to @antikpopfangirl.


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