Thursday, May 12, 2016

[MV Review] Tiffany - I Just Wanna Dance

I came late into the K-pop compared to the majority of the readers here, so I never got to experience SNSD during their glory years. Last year, I had the misfortune of having to review their awful title tracks while AKF was gone last year. Going into this song, my expectations cannot be any lower than the qualifications to run for the President of the United States these days.

Wow! It's not a boring-ass ballad! I would have expected Tiffany to sing a ballad to avoid dancing at all costs.

One of the first things I found about Tiffany was her bad dancing, thus expecting her to skip dancing.

So she goes with a dancing concept and proceeds to wear more clothes than all of her backup dancers combined. This is total horseshit.


Onto the song itself, it is an electro-pop song lifted from the 80s with a facelift. The synth beat does a good job of setting the mood to the song. The song has a very ambient melody, and while that is what the song intended to be, I do think that it could have used some more oomph during the climax to add that extra layer to the song. A stronger climax could have made this song a strong contender for one of the better songs of the year, but I think playing it safe keeps the song from being what it could have been.

At least we avoided the following, so I have to give this song some extra points.


  1. That National Anthem one had me weak as hell, poor girl, but she was okay for the rest of the performance

    Also, maybe because I'm pretty unimpressed with most things GG does live, but I wasn't expecting anything great out of this solo from her. Anddddd I was right, for me at least. It sounds fine, but to me it's forgettable.

  2. I really liked this song. I too thought she was going to do R&B vocal running mess but it turned out soooooo much better.

  3. I enjoyed it. My expectations were super low, so anything other than a boring ballad would've been welcome. Her voice usually sounds nice when she's not straining it or going out of her range.

  4. I was expecting a crappy R&B blow fest featuring some wanker rapper or a ballad the ear cancer of KPop.
    This was a good effort.

  5. She can dance if she wants to.
    She can leave her friends behind.
    Cause her friends don't dance and if they don't dance, well they're no friends of hers.

    1. Oh, the song, right. I think it's nothing special. When people do "80s inspired" music, I want them to go full synthiewave.
      And the outfits, dancing etc. are not interesting either.

  6. That's way above my initially low expectation.

    1. Quite clever selection of backdancers in the video so she doesn't look like a morbidly obese manatee in comparison. Would you bone it? (see

    2. What the fuck dude? How the fuck? I don't even remember it.
      But yeah why not. She is still hotter than most manatee. Although I doubt she'd be satisfied after getting Anakhunda for years.


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