Wednesday, May 25, 2016

[MV Review] AOA - Good Luck

"Hey! Ay yo, Brave Sound, and it goes a little something like..." Wait, Brave Brothers didn't make this song?! That must be why I'm disappointed in the lack of "Hey!"'s from Jimin.

First, the MV is on point. I think most people will find the MV a pleasure to watch and really like this concept. It's "Baywatch" but with cute Korean girls. CULTURAL APPROPRIATION RIGHT THERE UCAAD! I'm sure AOA triggered someone somewhere by being in one-piece red swimsuits. They triggered me for not wearing bikinis!

Most people are watching the MV for the fap material, which is fine, since I am too. But when your favorite member is qtpie Mina, AOA Mvs are always like watching one girl being cute while the other six are trying to make your dick throb really hard.

Minaring's attempt at being fappable.

On to the song, which sounds weird. Not because the song itself is weird, but we've been listening to almost exclusively Brave Brothers songs for AOA for three and a half years. All of the trademarks we have come accustomed to are gone. No more "Hey!"'s thrown in the song at random, and no more of Chanmi's out-of-fucking nowhere one-liners. However, it's a great change for AOA, since it would have been hard for them to follow up "Heart Attack" with another Brave Brothers song.

What I like about the song is that the soft techno (if you could call it that, I don't know what it is) during the verses contrasts the saxophone-lead chorus pretty well. We get that groovy beat during the addicting chorus, and yet the electronic touch to the verses make them an actual treat to listen to instead of it being soft, barren bullshit we have to wade through before the chorus comes around again.

Another thing the song does well is limiting to Jimin's rap to one verse. I much prefer one longer rap verse than shoe-horned rap verses arising throughout the song. It is always jarring to hear the chorus or a verse and then we get a five-second rap before the song returns back to normal. It's probably akin to someone with syphilis having a normal piss, and then pissing out green discharge with a burning sensation for five seconds, before the pissing returns to being pleasurable.

Speaking of pissing, I would pee in all of their butts. While I spammed Mina in this article, all of the girls look great. Put the song on repeat and I hope you have Good Luck busting a nut when your favorite member shows up on screen.


  1. I'm not really into the song, MV's fine, but. "They triggered me for not wearing bikinis!" ...same. They even wore shorts over it, what

  2. I thought you guys were so busy fapping to Twice you forgot bout AOA

    I think 'Good Luck' is just meh and 'Heart Attack' is a far better song.

  3. I love how unsubtle the product placement is.

    1. First thing I thought was "NECK SLICE!" from the commercial with Henry and Suzy.

    2. didn't they have to censor a bunch of it on account of the controversy because the cars were japanese or the sponsors pulled out or something

  4. Not a fan of this song. The video is cool though. Are you going to review All In by Monsta X?

  5. It's just weird seeing how they were on their own in a beach and a party scene, moreso when we are used to the fun and crowded Heart Attack.
    The song is okay, but bravesound suits them better


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