Monday, May 16, 2016

Jessica - Fly

I'll probably do a full review this weekend, as this week may be busy at work for a few days. I've seen K-netz and salty Sones support this song, which surprised me more than the song itself being pretty good. I could have used more fanservice from Sexica, though.


  1. Just as a useless fact, the rap part is from the guy who sings "Throw it in the back", now you have knowledge you didn't needed or ask for

  2. I think it's slightly better than tiffany's mildly boring stuff

  3. A rather safe song, although I could have done without the rap insert.

    This should do well.

  4. It reminds me of Taeyeon's I. Some kind of power-pop-rnb-ballad.
    Not interested.

    Tits or GTFO.

  5. I love this song! It's rather gentle without being boring (tiffany) or vocaly masturbaiting all over it (taeyeon). I think se totally beated those two althought it wasn't eaven hard thing to do.

  6. Sounds painfully generic, much like sociopath Jeshitca's front. :^)

  7. Hope Sexica shows off her tatas as fanservice #freethenip

  8. American /black american dancin kpop choreo looks a lil weird though

    1. Why? I mean, you do realize that there are quite a lot of non-Korean (even Western/American) choreographers making these famous dances right? Maybe even some of your favorite Kpop dances. Furthermore, most pop, extending to K-pop especially, takes from black/ some nonblack American culture anyways, so... (Idk why this is "weird" for you.)


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