Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday Shitpost #23

It's another Sunday, and Twice's performances make up for the Detroit Tigers sucking horse sock.
News Story #1: Watch Twice perform on Inkigayo (video above)

News Story #2: Taeyeon to cover BoA's "Atlantis Princess"

"Putting her spin on it". Right. That probably means turning it into a vocal wankfest and ruining "Atlantis Princess" for all of us BoA fans. The only thing that would really need to change is updating the instrumental to make it sound more modern.

News Story #3: Kahi is pregnant

Congrats to Kahi. After getting her GED at 35, she got married and will now have a kid. In about 15 years, when AS fans keep asking Pledis when AS will come back, Kahi's new kid can join the group.

News Story #4: Teen Top fans (yes, they exist) are mad that Niel isn't a Gay Fish

Since it is scientific fact that Niel is a fish, and fans are mad about him having a girlfriend (or something, I didn't bother reading the whole story), I'm assuming the fans are mad that he's not making love to Kanye.

News Story #5: TOP under fire for smoking

Spock should just tell Koreans that tobacco doesn't affect Vulcan lungs.


  1. Anyone heard Laysha's new song, "Chocolate Cream?" I hear they are giving kick-ass fan service on their university tour this month

    1. Laysha have their own songs?

    2. I thought you were talking about a black female singer before I looked the group up lol.


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