Sunday, May 29, 2016

suho_ftw's 10 Male Biases

I edited this slightly from my original post on my blog so that it's a lot cleaner looking and not as drawn out.

This post isn't very man-meaty and most boy group stans don't care for most of these idols so that should tell you how much your biases may or may not align with mine.

I'll try to include some type of clip or fancam to spice the lists up.

10. Woohyun (Infinite)

Ever since I became an Infinite fan I've latched onto Woohyun. He has one of the best voices in the group and is also insanely hot. He has a rather quiet personality however from what I've seen, he's still very entertaining.

9. Ilhoon (BtoB)

Ilhoon is hands down one of the funniest and most entertaining members of BtoB which is saying a lot since BtoB is already a pretty entertaining group. Ilhoon used to be higher on the list but BtoB's music has been very lax as of late (their last good song being from 2014) so naturally other groups came in, however Ilhoon will always hold my attention.

8. Leo (VIXX)

Leo is really the only member of VIXX outside of N that I really pay attention to. His "hard", and introverted persona makes him standout in a group full of goofballs, on top of that he's also super attractive along with a distinctive voice that I can pick out in any VIXX song gives him a plus.

7. Moonkyu/Timoteo (Hotshot)

For those like me who knew of pre-debut EXO, then you'll know why I got stuck on calling him Moonkyu. However he's with the nugu-of-nugu's rookie group Hotshot now. Like I give a fuck since I like Hotshot's music and Moonkyu is still adorable as fuck.

(I like this vid for the dancing but also because he looks like a sheep)

6. Mark (Got7)


Mark's been my favorite Got7 member since their debut, while Jackson is the stan attractor and JB is so insanely hot he might as well be from a more advanced staged of human, Mark's always been the more down-to-earth and friendly member of the group which caught my attention. It doesn't hurt that he also pretty damn gorgeous. I don't find video game characters attractive, but Mark reminds me of them, however that might have to do with his crazy aerodynamics. 

5. Hoshi (Seventeen)

“ “순간포착 | do not edit
” ”

Most people who know Seventeen are probably scoffing because out of the thirteen members, Hoshi isn't the first one they'd go. However that is perfectly fine with me as I think He makes a perfect idol. Great dancer, good singer, awesome entertainer, and a great combination of cute and sexy. 

4.) Suho (EXO)


Suho is the best EXO member not because he's done trying but because he never gave a fuck in the first place, yet still managed to carry the group as a leader. He's just there to do his job as an idol, nothing extra. I respect that. (However I would enjoy some pictorials more than once every blue moon.)

3. G-Dragon (Big Bang)

I know I've shitted on him and Big Bang more than a fair amount both in person and on blogs however that doesn't really stop him from being one of the first idols I stanned hard core back when I first got into K-pop as well as enjoying most of his solo material. Do I think he is a musical genius that needs to be worshiped at his feet? No. But I do find him creative, interesting and his solos are always fun for me so he remains high up. The only thing good about "Bang Bang Bang" was the fact that they dyed his hair red. Gosh it looks good on him.

Mute it if you must.

2. Jimin (BTS)

Most of you probably expected Jimin to be high on this list. Jimin is a great idol and much like Hoshi is good at everything from dancing, singing and variety. He has flat out amazing visuals, and a rather warm persona which is well welcomed from a male idol and also something I find incredibly attractive.

This fancam. Always relevant.

1. Onew (SHINee)

Jinki's instagram update onew so cute:

SHINee was the first boy group that I really got into. Onew was the first male idol I really got into and several years later he's still pretty much #1 (the spot is cemented.) He seems genuinely happy. Not int he sense that he's always smiling and never upset, but in a much more human way. He radiates attraction with his visuals being a combination of cute and handsome with a great smile. He has a very chill and relaxed vibe making him easy to like and he performs with a great passion (which is honestly one thing I really like about SHINee overall.) He also owns one of the best voices in K-pop-it's distinctive, thick and very soothing to listen to. Onew is just overall on a whole different level than other idols.

No. Words.





  1. that jimin fancam is a true blessing to us all

  2. to me only leo and jimin out of this list the other are forgetable

    1. Most people don't find my bias lists that riveting but as Fany says "Variety is the spice of life."

  3. I have to say, I think JB is also extremely hot. I don't understand how he looks so good, but I'm very jealous and very happy I have a bottle of lotion next to my desk.

    1. JB is amazing. Top tier. We are not worthy.

  4. Pretty much the same list except G-Dragon and Leo. (I would replace them with Seungri and Hyuk.)

    1. Wow I'm actually shocked came that close with stanning the same people! *High fives*

  5. Man, Jimin is soo hotttt....except when he does that duckfaces. Anyway, he might be my #1 BTS bias if he manages to knock Jungtooth off the list.

    1. I wanna say only 5 people tops look good in duckface. Jimin is not one of them. However I'm happy it hasn't become an epidemic in his selcas.

  6. "Suho_ftw's 10 butch lesbian bias list"

    1. They're all men who are gay for each other lmao.

  7. jimin is one of the ugliest people I've ever seen. I don't understand how people find him attractive.

  8. Every one of those (outside of hotshot, who I don't know) are in my top three in their groups without fail. I also definitely know what you mean about JB. I'm more of a Junior stan, but...damn. Also, I think you touched on all my favorite groups, which is no easy feat, as I seem to collect boy groups like nobody's business.


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