Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sunday Shitpost #22

Twice wins yet again. Get used to it, everyone. 샤샤샤!
News Story #1: Twice wins on Inkigayo

(video above)

I believe Twice swept the major music shows this week. I don't know if Music Core has wins anymore (not that I really care to find out). I don't care too much about Twice getting music show wins, because I'm just glad they're quickly getting popularity.

News Story #2: Twice's "Cheer Up" Reaches 20 Million Views

Have you not watched the MV lately? Go ahead and add a view to the video.

News Story #3: Rain and Victoria to be in a New Chinese Drama

With each new drama and movie that Victoria films in China, I think f(x) will go on the back burner for her. She recently wrapped a drama in March, is filming a new drama now, and has another one lined up for July.

(This is why you can't just like one idol and/or one group because situations like this inevitably happen.)

News Story #4: Akdong Musician Wants to Try Different Kinds of Music

Maybe they can make some music that doesn't fucking suck.

And I thought I had it bad for looking like Jaejoong.

Tiffany says BoA is the reason she joined SM. See, she's not totally dumb.

Bonus - News Story #7: Persona 5 debuts new trailer

If you notice that I'm posting less frequently once Persona 5 comes out, you will know why.


  1. I totally missed that Persona 5 got a new trailer, thanks!
    Eventhough I have a PS3, I think I'm gonna buy a Playstation 4K/4.5 when Persona 5 gets released. Gotta need that comic boob jiggle in 1080p.

  2. I'd like to see if Twice could compete with BTS after they came back to music shows

  3. I was legitimately surprised when #3 wasn't about Twice. There was this whole pattern established by the first two...

  4. Twice new SNSD confirmed but with 100 x less inter-group drama and 500 x more lesbians and fingering.

    1. who cares about upsetting other fandoms

      causing diplomatic incidents is some real next-level shit

  5. Thank you so much, I've been seeing that thumbnail on youtube and I had no idea it was for Persona until right now, BLESS YOU

  6. OT: Damn Jiyoung is still fine as fuck

  7. Plss talk about kaistal and this condom issue 😂

  8. AKMUs cmeback slays ya'll can suck it :)


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