Saturday, July 23, 2016

f(x)'s All Mine is All Mediocre

This is fine, I guess. It's low budget but it's SM Station so I didn't exactly expect high production values. China haters take note: Victoria looks like she's balding in this video. Also, Luna's contacts freak me out, and Amber is Amber. Krystal looks good though (Jung sisters rule forever).

Musically, this is the precise same lite-EDM crap that f(x) and its various members have been putting out since 4 Walls. I could have done without the strained key-change near the end, but overall it's perfectly fine. Probably good for parties? I wouldn't know.


  1. Don't know whether to fap to Victoria or to the comments hating on Victoria.

    I like this song, but it's obviously a 4 Walls-lite just to appease f(x) fans because there's no way the group has a comeback this year.

  2. Mean Mr. Park (Aka Tom Brokaw)July 23, 2016 at 7:07 AM

    "Hey Girls, let's shoot a video in your down time!"

  3. I like the song but I don't like the Manber rap, as usual

  4. Luna was wearing contacts? No wonder there was something off about her looks in the video. I hate contacts with a passion. Never knew why people love them so much. Anyway, I really liked the song. It's a catchy, up-beat summer track. Could do without the amber rap, though. Why do they always insist on her to rap? Her singing voice is much more pleasant to hear. Her raps on the other hand...*cringe*

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