Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Yuri/Hani Death Match

Watch this video, starting from about 3:25. Ignore Yoona, the world's most anodyne human being. Ignore Sooyoung trying and failing. Watch for about 25 seconds. I'll wait.

Look, I'm not an SNSD fan. Their songs are mediocre and slightly more than half of their members are human oatmeal. Plus, 7/8 of them move their hips like they're department store mannequins. But not Yuri.  Look at that sexyface! That hair-stroking! Girl has commitment. I bet she could take Hani in a fight.


(A reminder, for the three people in the world who don't have this video effectively memorized)


  1. Bless you, I've been wondering what the hell Hani fancam everyone was talking about was, but I was too lazy to remember.

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    1. Yes! Finally I can attain hormonal parity!

  3. Good observation. And as you proved during last year's "Up & Down" fapcam the Bambino girls could clean both of their clocks. Www.bodhsispeaks.com maintains that Hadam and Eunsol "own" Hani. Who can argue?

  4. It's not. The site referred to is www.bodhispeaks.com It has one blog which discusses this topic. Point is Bambino's "Up & Down" superior

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