Friday, July 22, 2016

You wish your drunk favs were this good

Most will immediately notice how happy Sunmi is but I would like to point out that Lim probably thinks they're on Music Core.

Since many kids won't understand: I'm not making fun of them. This is normal chill happy drunk dinner times and it's endearing that they're comfortable/confident being a bit more real with us. More idols, please, share your drunk fun with us. (Can you imagine Girl's Day?)


  1. I wanna get drunk with my waifu.

  2. Lim sniffing her shot at the beginning and immediately repressing the urge to hurl right then had me dying from laughter, I do that regularly too.

    Can't wait for shitfaced TWICE edition in a few years time.

    1. Maybe we can get Girls day to speed it up for us.
      I saw on Web MD that you might kill K-Pop girls if you give them tequilla.

      Maybe my love Sunny will try some Bailys Irish Cream...all over her chubbo face.

  3. I loved this comeback from the Wonder Girls, the song and video are good, they were cute, hot, and sounded great


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