Monday, July 4, 2016

[MV Review] Sonamoo - "I Like U Too Much"

Sonamoo return after a year with lukewarm results.

Disclaimer: It's past midnight where I live currently and I just got back from a 10+hour drive and I have to work in the morning. I really wanted to finish this article so I'm doing a relatively quick-ish review. So apologies beforehand if this comes out shittier than usual.

I was happy when Sonamoo debuted with "Deja Vu" because I liked their song and concept. "Cushion" was also a pretty awesome song however TS has decided to shit all over those two by following up a year later with one of the weakest songs they could have gone with.

First off: the concept is not the reason I find this insufferable. Sure I dig Sonamoo's more tomboyish image however let's be honest, people are hypocrites and although they love to pretend that they support "badass" girl groups they don't. I'm one of the people that actually stanned and bought Sonamoo's debut stuff however numbers speak louder than words in the world of K-pop and I was in the minority.

I like cute concepts and I like cutesy girl groups (Lovelyz, G-Friend, A Pink, ect...) so the fact that they pulled a 180 with the concept isn't that surprising since cute is in right now. Also it's TS who are known for pulling 180s with their groups concepts before they even get established which is one of the reasons why BAP and SECRET don't have nearly as much popularity as they should (BAP is mid-tier and most people only really know SECRET for Hyosung and occasionally Sunghwa.)

The problem with "I Like U Too Much" is that it kind of sucks. It sounds like a watered down A Pink song. It has the potential to be good however it lack severe flavor. It's almost like they tried to pull a "NoNoNo" but forgot that what made "NoNoNo" a success was the fact that it was a good song. This is...upbeat and that's pretty much all there is to it. 

In retrospect, "I Like U Too Much" can basically be compared to a box of Kix cereal:

No flavor indeed.

If you find Sonamoo attractive then you'll like the video. It's basically AOA meets A Pink. It's not nearly as awesome as that would sound but it's enough to bring in a few more fanboys and fangirls. It leaves no room for imagination as most of the vid is in first person perspective. It follows pretty much the similar cosplay formula that you see in most girl group videos these days. 

If you're into vocals, then you might like this song since some of the members singing is showcased quite a bit.

Final verdict: TS could have done better. Way better. But hey, so far it's been their best received song domestically, so I guess that counts for something you want Sonamoo to be around longer. I still think they should have made "Closer" longer and made it the comeback song by 100%. "I Like U Too Much" would have been regular album filler for most groups.

Seriously, what in the fuck were TS thinking when they didn't make this the comeback song?


  1. "I want you… baby I need you to cry".

    Well, that escalated quickly.

  2. I really, really, really hate the use of "U" instead of "you" in song titles. Especially non shitty western pop ones.

    1. At least they didn't call it "I like U 2 much".

  3. I cannot see I Like U Too Much not being a title track and instead being "regular album filler". The song is super public friendly with the chorus + choreo and the super typical break setup (with the high-note and everything).

    Closer really was criminally short and shouldn't have been just an intro though..

    I can see why you would say it sounds like a watered down Apink song (verses and instrumental really resemble it), but I don't see how the funky chorus fits into that comparison. The funk reminds me of CLC's No Oh Oh personally.

    I also don't really understand how it can be "lacking in flavor." Is the funk not tasteful?

    1. The funk had bleach dripped all over it thus removing any flavor from it. The song is just bland and forgetful.

  4. Lol, this is now my most played song after playing omg's Liar liar for 2 straught months.

    The I love you part in the verse gave me "Awwwww" feelings though. The only thing i dont like about the lyrics is "I like u more than mom" . kinda off putting.

    And I usually love rapsnin songs but the two rappers where shit in this one or that the rap had no RING to it.

    Choreo is great especially during the western sounding chant srction.

    I might be overtjinking but the last line in the last chorus got to me:

    "I love you too much it almost breaks my heart" --> right in the feels :(

    MV : 3/5
    Song 4.5/5
    Choreo 5/5


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